Free Custom «Psychology of Women » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychology of Women » Essay Paper

Psychology is a Latin word derived from two terms, psyche meaning soul and ology meaning study. Thus psychology is the systematic or scientific study of the soul and mind. The study involves taking a closer look at human consciousness which defines the powers and roles of the human. Psychology has been an academic discipline since time immemorial which is concerned with the study of human brain, behavior and mind. The knowledge of such studies is used to influence the daily activities of humans such as treatment of mental disorders and other problems affecting individual’s daily lives.

Female Body Language

Human beings communicate not only verbally but also with their bodies which is estimated to be at 60%. The body communicates by use of gestures, eye movements, facial expressions and body postures. This communication and its resultant interpretation is usually subconscious. This kind of communication is said to be high in women than in men. A woman communicates with her body six times as much as a man. This prevalence is high because this kind of behavior is naturally incorporated in their bodies. This can be explained by the fact that woman are in the lookout for survival, a mating mate and safety.

Body language has been there since our ancestors and though men understand this kind of behavior, they still get entrapped by this phenomenon. A woman uses body language to reveal her feelings; that she is interested in a man. Eye contact which lasts more than that of a simple hello is said to be more effective than any other body language.

Women Aggression

Aggression in terms of psychological terms is any kind of behavior that is intended to cause harm or pain (Robin, E. and D.T 2005). Women are less likely to express their aggressiveness in physical terms as compared to men (Bjorkqvist et al. 1994). Women express their aggressiveness based on the culture of where they come from. Women who hail from a culture of male dominance and who are physically violent will be in constant conflict wit other women than men. Such women are said that if they come into conflict with males, they avoid confronting them physically but rather compose songs that mock them. They may even hire assassins to kill a man for them if they really want to kill him. Thus the woman (exhibits indirect aggression) is in indirect physical confrontation wt the danger. Recent studies show that female students are engaging more in girl fights (Bjorkqvist et al. 1994). One cause for this could be the decrease in academic grades or fight over a male mate. Females who do not attend schools are said to be more violent than those who attend schools. The females who have been reported to be more aggressive even to the extent of harming themselves are seen to have mental instability.

Women and Relationship

Women perceive relationships in a very different format as compared to men. They are said to be more sensitive and thus understand men more than the men do understand women. Women are said to tackle problems and situations at a go and thus seek one to hear their problems and empathize with them. They don’t tackle a problem one at a time or look for alternatives from a different perspective as compared to men and such situations might overwhelm them. Women like to be appreciated in terms of their beauty and dress; it makes them feel attractive and desirable. Women like to be presented with gifts and other surprises geared towards praising them. They won’t want their man to look at other women with a desiring eye or even comment that such and such a woman is beautiful even if it is a fact. A hurt or a worried woman tends to become possessive argumentative, jealousy, moody and withdrawn (Prabbakar Pillai. 2009). The sensitivity of women in relationship can further be seen by the fact that they are aware of the non-verbal clues, spoken words and don’t forget any fights in their entire life.

Naturally, women would want to settle down as fast as possible. They don’t want to be kept waiting since they are aware their biological clock is ticking. They might not say directly to their male counterparts about this issue about they are always interested in knowing where their relationship is headed. Women are also very judgmental and would shun men who brag about themselves. They like gentlemen who are ready to offer their seats for them, open a door for them, are well groomed and not ill- mannered. The modern woman in a relationship is more independent, assertive and has more freedom (Prabbakar Pillai. 2009).

Woman Mythology Commercials

Women have always been exploited by advertizing firms. It is believed that a body image of a woman in a commercial advertisement over certain product drastically changes the view and opinion of the public about that product. Beauty industries are deemed to fail if they do not use beautiful women in advertizing and promoting their beauty products. Even though these commercial advertisements are geared towards boosting sales, women consumers have found themselves in a tight situation since the desired effects of what they see in these advertisements is not what happens in their lives upon consumption of the product. Advertisements featuring women is more pronounced as compared to the men. The myth is that women are more selling than men.

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Psychological Disorders Affecting Women Sexuality Power

A woman sexual power maybe affected among other things by psychological disorders. Excessive exposure to bright light and noise which are considered to be environmental stresses may reduce the sex urge in women. These psychological causes are due to loss of privacy, intimacy, distraction, depression and intimacy stress. Other psychological disorders that may drastically reduce the sexual power of a woman include: performance anxiety in sex, issues concerned with body image, assault, trauma, neglect and childhood abuse (Randy J.2005).

The Female Body and Its Meanings

Feminists believe that the body has a big role in the social and political life. The female as a young girl is encouraged to treat herself like a doll and be in a position to please others. Thus a woman’s body is treated like an object for males to gaze and this comes from education and the environment that one is in, it is not a natural phenomena. This makes a woman to be timid, her movements are thus restricted, physical power as a result does not manifest. This is because the woman has been made to reshape her body to be an object for others (males) to gaze at. When a woman reaches puberty, she is ashamed of the changes that are taking in her body. The menstrual experience is one to behold and these changes are seen as an initiation towards marriage and motherhood. Modern feminists have greatly criticized this kind of view since they argue that the female body is a fountain of fertility, pleasure and fertility (Birke, Lynda, 2000).



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