Free Custom «Psychology of Hearing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychology of Hearing» Essay Paper

Over the past fifty years, French doctor Alfred Tomatis has distinguished hearing as a passive process compared to listening which is a conscious deliberate intention. He first investigated the auditory environment of the fetus. This was in relation to the relationship between the mother and the baby which is the basis of our relationships.

He posited that the fetus hears in the womb and that the audio-phonitary condition which occurs in the womb is key in the preparation of the ability to speak. This can be achieved through requirements to ear opening such as rehabilitating the mediate ear muscles, psychlogical shift which makes it possible for sound to wallop psyche on a deeper level and lastly re-arrangement of the process by which sound is relayed to the auditory cortex for efficiency in relationship between the ear brain.

With the help of Electronic Ear filtering methods, there is an increase in energy levels of the listener. This assists in resolving deep psychological blocks.

With this in mind, it is clear that though one may be barred from normal hearing processes, convenient methods of effecting communication can be put in place. This is helpful as one is able take in information easily and thuss be in a position to comprehend and communicate effectively.

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With the information put down by Dr. Tomatis, It is important to try and put the use of Electronic Ear filtering methods in practice with an aim to bring change to the psychologically affected persons. This is an essential way to take care of the implications that come with hearing impairment. This will help with the ease in interaction of the psychologically impaired, with the world and create room for development as the psychologically affected persons need care and assistance. With this, they are able to use concepts learnt to relate to the world.


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