Free Custom «Psychology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychology» Essay Paper

Due to the fact that offending others is viewed as essentially natural, most psychological theories try to provide an explanation to the development of machineries that inhibits offending such as the conscience. Ethical behavior is always assumed to occur in a conditioning process (depending on the relationship between antisocial behavior and the nervousness fostered by parental punishments). Psychological theories usually include cognitive (thinking or decision-making) processes that explains why individuals and in this case “Dimitri” may choose to offend in a particular situation. One common assumption is that offending tends to be essentially rational, and most people including kids will offend with the perception that the expected benefits are likely to overshadow the expected costs.

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Definitely, this marks the basis of the psychiatric categorization of anti-social personality disorder and antisocial personality is obvious early in life and persists from childhood to adulthood but with distinguished behavioral manifestation. I therefore think that the boy can’t know the feelings of the others and so one way of solving this problem is that the mother should begin taking things away from him because if things are taken away from Dimitri, only then will he know how it feels like to lose something you hold dear. Although children are naturally hedonistic and selfish, seeking pleasure and avoiding pain and therefore making them naturally antisocial, it is not easy for Dimitri to imagine whatever happens to the kids.

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