Free Custom «Psychologists and Animals» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychologists and Animals» Essay Paper

It is obvious that in order to understand how the combustion of engines works, one would first need to understand a lawn mowers engine as compared to a Mercedes. Likewise, in understanding the body of human beings better, psychologists study animals’ bodies especially those of rats and monkeys. Kalat (2008) asserts that they find animals bodily processes fascinating and develop the urge to understand animals’ way of thinking, learning, and their overall behaviors. It is evident that human bodily processes resemble those of many animals. The death of a human being is more painful than that of an animal and therefore human being tend to be less concerned about animals than they are to human beings.

Biologically, it is proven that human beings have same set of genes as those of mice and rats. When same medication is used on both human beings and rats, they both react similarly to these drugs. For instance, it is evident that if “purple tomato” is able to fight cancer in rats then it is likely that this same tomato will work on humans (Kalat, 2008). It is therefore right to state that psychology study animals as a way to understand how their will be able to handle human beings behaviors that arises from stress and depression. As human beings are more valued, such experiments cannot be directly done on human beings but doing it on animals is equally unethical.

In order to have a comprehensive answer to the question whether it is ethical for scientist to use animal during their experiments, it is important we understand what is meant by the term ethics. According to Kalat (2008), ethics is a subdivision in philosophy that seeks to address questions arising from the issue of morality. It widely assists individual on deciding whether their undertakings are good or bad, right or wrong and if it can be termed as a virtue or a vice. Therefore, having understood what ethics is it is correct when we say that it is unethical to carry out drugs and cosmetics experiment on animals.

With the current globalization and advancement in technology, there is growth in various testing methods that are able to replace experimentation done to animals. Pain caused to millions of animals being tested on every year should therefore be done away with or at least greatly minimized. I don’t categorically oppose the animal experimentations. But there should be a sequence, laboratory simulations, animal experimentations and then humans. In the first state, simulations will create a human environment and then tests done on it. Any dangers exposed to the simulations will study and noted and changes made. But the trend of first carrying out the tests on animals is highly unethical as any dangers can never be corrected afterwards.

There are simulations on genes and human body that can be used to test various medicines before they are injected in animals and later humans. In fact some simulations which prove to be very successful will not required to be done on animals but directly to human beings. Animals just like human beings have a right to live and the basis that they lack informed consent should not be used to have experiment carried out on them. It is not fare that animals are infected with AIDS, radiation and noxious chemicals at the expense of saving human beings when there are several other alternatives.

In real sense, if it immoral to cause suffering to animals. It is pretty obvious that experimenting on animals causes harm to them making this issue a serious moral concern. These experiments are known to cause many damages within the bodies of animals therefore reducing on the quality of life of these animals. It is not justifiable to defend scientific work with life of animals on the basis that we have similar characteristics and later on defend it on a moral way just because of the differences (Coon,2009).

If simulations are impossible, it is therefore recommendable that testing of medicine and cosmetics be carried out on human beings who have given consent about it. Since animals do not have the ability to issue out such consent. Scientists should come up with more new testing method such as magnetic resonance imaging and computer models. Coon (2009) assets that, it becomes very unethical when our experimental clearly knows that other alternatives methods would give equal results as that of animals but still goes ahead to perform them. It is therefore important that scientists acknowledge that the use of animals is unethical and if need arises for animals to be used then, the experiment should be carried out in a more humane way as possible.



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