Free Custom «Psychological Investigation Report Curt Cobain» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychological Investigation Report Curt Cobain» Essay Paper

More often we become disillusioned when someone we thought we knew takes an unthinkable step or does something that leaves us wondering if our analysis of them was correct or they were just brilliant at hiding their real selves.

Kurt Cobain born as Kurt Cobain Donald in February 20, 1967 was a famous American songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of the famous rock band called Nirvana. Cobain was born of Wendy Elizabeth Fradenburg who was a waitress and Donald Leland Cobain who was an automotive mechanic. Cobain had only one sibling a sister named Kimberley. Perhaps there was some aspect of musical talent in Cobalt’s lineage Chuck Fradenburg, Cobain’s maternal uncle was a member of a band called the Beachcombers and the aunt played guitar. Cobain’s father was of French and Irish descent while his mother was of English and German ancestry; therefore Cobain had 4 different ethnicities. In his biography Cobain’s childhood is described as one spent sickly with bronchitis. After the divorce of his parents which most probably devastated the then seven year Cobain, he is recorded to have said that he never felt loved anymore after that incidence. He confessed that after the divorce he became extremely socially withdrawn and adopted antisocial characteristics. Cobain also outlined that the extent of the devastation caused by his parents’ divorce was later to become his main motivation in writing Nirvana’s music which was mostly full of anguish. Cobain’s life became frustrating too as he was moved from one relative to another and even at one point was homeless and lived under a bridge. Cobain’s years in school are described as unpleasant and he did not have very many friends. His character is described as unconventional and therefore many kids found him strange. However Cobain considered himself as special and unique in his own sense and he tried to emphasize on this fact by spray painting their pick-up trucks by the words “QUEER.” There are also some claims that Cobain’s father used to physically abuse him after Cobain’s mother sent him to leave with his father.

Cobain’s childhood was full of negative events and it is not surprising therefore that his general perception of life was also negative. Most children of divorced parents in their innocence and naivety assume that their parents divorced because of something they did wrong. This is because it is difficult for the children to understand how their parents who had once loved each other so much could decide to get divorced. The first reaction is of shock followed by disillusionment and denial. In a bid to find answers that in most instances the parents are unable to provide the children direct the blame on themselves. During his younger years Cobain attempted to release his anger to t world by becoming unconventional but apparently later in life he realized that by doing that he was only doing himself more harm than good. It could be observed that Cobain matured a lot from because he later opted for music as a way of expressing himself. Cobain’s childhood was characterized by incidences that only served to prove to him that he was unwanted and less likeable. His mother refused to live with him and sent him to his father who used Cobain to let out his own frustrations. Even when the mother re-married and Cobain went to live with her, the life with his new step-father was still unpleasant and this could have provided more reason for Cobain to blame himself. Cobain’s school days can be described as full of aggression towards other students because at some point he even fantasized of killing the whole of the students in his class.

Apparently Cobain eventually resolved that he was a less likeable person. Consequently he subconsciously created situations where he would appear unlikeable to other people in a bid to align with this trait. At this point Cobain’s behavior could have been described as being self-defeating perhaps being the reason why he could not make many friends and had unconventional behaviors so that he can force people into disliking him more. However at some point in his life he realized that he could not achieve much by assuming a negative attitude towards life.

Cobain eventually managed to make the best out of his life by developing his talent as a songwriter and as a singer of one of the most famous rock bands. Furthermore his type of rock music was not conventional and it demonstrated how creative he could be. Cobain was able to direct his energy towards positive growth personally and in terms of music. Although Cobain thought that he would find relief in music it only brought him additional stress. The shows and the trips became overwhelming for him emotionally and at some point he started taking drugs. Cobain also became disillusioned when he realized that people were interpreting the message and that his music only attracted the likes of people who used to hate on him in school. At one time he was quoted as saying that: “If any of you don't like gays or women or blacks, please leave us the fuck alone.” Eventually Cobain committed suicide.

Cobain’s childhood was a tough one and very few people could have achieved what Cobain achieved during his childhood. Apparently all the virtues Cobain learnt he did so from experience the hard. Perhaps Cobain felt that nobody could understand his challenges probably the reason he resolved to drugs and eventually committing suicide. Maybe he could have given someone the chance of listening to him.



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