Free Custom «Psychological Factors» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Psychological Factors» Essay Paper

In the recent past, the need for firms to market their products and services to acquire the market niche cannot be overemphasized. One of the successful companies, having a brand value of over US $ 59 billion by 2010 was Gillette (Chartrand, 2010). The firm, based in Boston, USA, is a brand of the Procter and Gambler, presently used for the safety razors among other varieties of personal care products. This paper critically analyzes the psychological factors used by Gillette in marketing its products across the globe.  

Psychological factors

Russell (2011) indicates that the physiological behaviours of the consumers and factors influencing them to buy range from the physical stimulus to cultural influences. The success of Gillette especially in the big market zones, such as USA, UK among other zones is attributable to aspects, such as perception, learning, motivation, altitude and psychographics, whereby all of these forms the base for psychological marketing approach.


Perception is the process by which an individual senses, organizes and interprets information that they receive from the environment. Grant (2009)  argues that marketing professional are employing this marketing method to increase perception of their products to their customers by using different method of adverting such as social media, magazines, television sports among others. By making high quality products such as Fusion ProGlide Power, Fusion ProGlide and Fusion Power Gamer also referred to as Cool White in Latin American markets, Gillette has had a good perception among its customers in terms of quality shave and stylish products (Chartrand, 2010).  


Grant (2009) argues that learning is a change in the context of long-term memory. Further, it can be argued that learning is the process that customers change their behaviours after gaining experience or information of a product. Learning not only affects what customers buy, but also what they shop. Customers with limited experiences about a brand or product generally seek more information, as compared to those customers who have used the products before (Chartrand, 2010). To utilize this factor, Gillette offers training to customers on ways to use its products, such as shaving methods among others. To attract customers in US market, the firm has been shipping Fusion ProGlide to males in US for their 18th birthday, thus gaining a substantive market from first time shavers.  


Motivation refers to the state of arousal or drive, which drives behaviour towards a goal-object. Grant also argues that motives are the internal energizing forces, which orients the activities of people towards satisfying their needs and achieving particular goals. Since the onset of economic crises, Gillette has employed different methods to attract and retain customers’ especially young men by sponsoring sporting events, like the Rugby League Tri-nations and using famous personalities, such as David Beckham in one of their commercials (Russell, 2011).


Attitudes are the feelings or mental positions that customers have towards a product, services, institutions, ideas or companies. Attitudes tend to be more enduring since they are fully based on believes and values of the customers, thus hard to change. One of the attitudes developed by Gillette Company is manufacturing and distributing high quality products and responding to customers complains effectively and fast.


Psychographics are the characteristics of individual, which indentify them in terms of their behaviours and makeup’s. For most customers using Gillette’s products for shaving purposes among others, there is a general sense of fulfilment, security and belonging. For instance, the firm has been forced to drop some of its famous personalities featuring in their commercials, such as Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods. This is after complains are launched on the general character of these personalities by the firms sensitive customers.


Having said all that it is clear Gillette is one of the successful companies in the 21st century. This can be attributed to effective marketing strategies employed, hence increased market niche.


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