Free Custom «Problem Solving» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Problem Solving» Essay Paper


There were situations that I ran out of ideas let alone compelling ones, but ideas as a whole. I was running in circles trying to solve what was an easy problem. One of the solutions that I came up with and this will come off as silly, but it worked for me. If the solution to the problem eluded me altogether, then I would go to sleep after I have outlined the problem in my head. This would tell my brain to keep working while I was asleep. My mind would often go over it while asleep, then I would probably get the solution as I was engaging in some activity in the morning like, showering.


I sometimes advised others to do this, and there have been results, admitted by them. This, in part, shows my experience level with problem solving, which has been limited to the class. In no way has that hindered any field related work. The technique that I had stated earlier was using of the unconscious mind. This first method acted as a pilot test. Together with individuals who benefitted from it we mapped and researched other methods of problem solving. We arrived at four basic steps of problem solving.

That is defining the problem, generating alternatives, evaluating those alternatives and implementing solutions. This has changed my understanding of the skill dramatically ever since we started. This, I guess should be attributed to the fact that it only happened when I joined the Art Institute of Houston. The reason I am saying this is that, when I first joined the institute I was a novice in the field. As I have progressed, I have significantly improved my proficiency and knowledge base of the skill. I think the others who I have worked with in this sector would share the same statement (Robertson, 2001).


The skill sets that I have gained, as a result, now help me to be efficient in almost every situation of my life. This includes my social and academic life. As a result, I have minimized the time that would be wasted without it. I cannot say that I have learnt enough to be an authority on the subject. I can work in an individual capacity and mobilize a group if necessary, which I think, is advantageous in a work situation.

Say, there is a problem in a work area. The supervisor is not in sight and is not reachable. One problem solving method that would fit this is to change one’s perspective. This is in order to see a problem in a different light. This would mean changing your identity and role-play. The role would then change to that of the supervisor. What would that individual do in that situation? This method is known to work with individuals such as Einstein. I think a potential employer would appreciate this skill set. This would suppose that I would need minimal supervision even at worst-case scenarios (Robertson, 2001).


The recent activity in the group has been an assignment to test out a problem solving method that came to the attention of the group. A member of the group suggested it. The technique entailed that a person write the problem down as well as the possible options and ideas that came to mind. The thing was to write everything. Then one would come back and pick what was worth it. The objective was to see if this method worked in a practical sense and not just a theoretical perspective. This is because, in the end, all of these methods should be operational and not just theoretical in nature.



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