Free Essay Sample «Personality Theories»

Free Essay Sample «Personality Theories»

In psychotherapy, a person undergoes counseling regarding the problems of life with a psychotherapist. Both the patient and the psychotherapist talk so that the patient gets a sense of their well-being.

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To explain the apparent personality differences based on cultural, gender and age, one needs to know of the various traits and behavioral theories designed to determine differences between people. Freud, Ellis, Bandura and Rogers provided theories that need to be considered in explaining the differences. Different people have different attributes and personality traits. Though the theories on personality explain the psychological changes in the inner personality structure, they also explain the apparent differences based on age, gender and culture.

Sigmund Fred in his theory emphasized on sexuality and its importance paying a lot of attention to gender. In his suggestions, he also explains age differences as well as those of culture. He split the personality structure in id, ego and superego where he believed that the three eleents had a common decision through anxiety and defense mechanisms. Numerous factors determine the integrity and strength of defense mechanisms in the personality thereby connecting age, culture and gender differences. Defense mechanisms in personality depend on age, gender and culture. As per Ellis, experience is also linked with personality where he emphasis on the irrational and self-defeating beliefs of an individual.  The individual beliefs differ through cultural.

Humans are differentiated from others humans through personality. Personality theory explains constitution of a person and behavior. The findings by park, Peterson and Seligman in their article “Strengths of Character and Well-Being” are very significant as they relate to personality theories. The character of an individual and their traits explains how personality develops. The character of an individual determines the personality of that individual. If the character is strong, then the personality of that person becomes strong and positive.  The well-being of an inddividual also determines the personality of that person. Those individuals, who are well, have a better personality than those who are sick. Individuals who are satisfied with life are associated with zest, hope, and curiosity. Character strength thus much relates to the personality theories of people.

There are theories for someone with an aggression background as an adult and a molestation background as a child. Aggression in adulthood is due to the environment one is in. however, behavior causes environment. The environment that one lives can cause them to be aggressive in life for many factors such as food and health. These theories are behavioral theories. While these theories apply to someone and change their character in adulthood, psychodynamic theories as per Sigmund explain childhood experiences on the personality of an individual and the unconscious mind. While both of the theories are personality theories, one emphasizes on the unconscious mind of an individual especially in the young while the other relates behavior and the environment.


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