Personality Features

Free Essay Sample «Personality Features»

Personality is a constant set of characteristics and tendencies that establish those commodities, and dissimilarities in the psychological behavior. These are: thoughts, feeling, and actions of individuals that have continuity in time, and that may not be understood easily as the solitary consequence of the social and biological pressures of the that time. It is the quintessence of a person to have the isolating factor of individuality or definition of a person.

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According to Plotnik and Kouyoumdjian(2010), personality in general refers to the exclusive aspects of an individual. Especially those most distinctive or that are likely to be noticed by others in social interactions. Traditionally, personality has been viewed as having a number of qualities. It is steady across time and situations; it encompasses an organization set of traits forming a rational personality style.

Personality features are characterized by ethnically pleasing traits and vice versa.  A key feature that defines my personality is emotion. Knowing what a person thinks or feels about me is always important. Emotion is what a person feels and thinks about something or someone. Emotions can lead to a positive or negative reactio towards someone or something. Another key personality feature that defines me is anger.

Key concepts that that are used to explain my personality are; being sociable, love having fun, gentle, and a kind person who lives for the moment and enjoys new experiences. These are like: traveling to experience different cultures and foods, and the excitement of adventure at the spur of the moment without planning. Although the love of socializing is enjoyable my time alone is very essential.

My personality features are not that consistent. They change according to the situation. For example I prefer having fun with my friends even if I do not feel like.  I like being happy, and I like to see others happy. Nothing does it better than a good sense of humor. Making people happy is not something I do intentionally; this happens naturally. My husband and I like movie, and every one out of every two movies rented or watched are comedies. I adore Jim Carrey, Martin Lawrence, and the late Bernie Mack; I think they are the funniest men that have ever been on earth.

In judging the usefulness of any personality test, the major question is always the same: How excellent are the test’s validity and reliability.The meaniing of Validity is that the test measures what it says, it measures what it is supposed to measure. For example, for a personality test to be compelling or valid, it must assess personality traits specific to the person rather than general traits that concern almost everybody.

I once took a personality test. The validity of my selfishness was determined by the number of time it was exposed in dissimilar situations and different people. I knew it had to be true. This is because I was told by someone is credible, and the person had no motive to lie to me. I did not want to consider it, because I did not recognize it as true. It is the consistency, and the track record that determines the validity or accuracy of a place, an object or a person. Over the counter, pregnancy tests never advertise 100% accuracy, but because of the performance and consistency 98% to 99.9 % is sufficient for validity. Validity is a game of numbers, and it is always determined by the odds.

In overall no test is absolute in its determination, but it helps to be open for growth and opportunities to learn. This is because the minute a person stops learning, he or she stops growing and evolving. At that point one might as well plan his or her own funeral, because they stopped living.

Free Essay Sample «Personality Features»


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