Free Custom «People Aware of Mistakes While Drunk» Essay Paper

Free Custom «People Aware of Mistakes While Drunk» Essay Paper

Psychology is a systematic instrument for assessing individual’s personality characteristics. It does so through observation of behavior, interviews and questionnaires et cetera. This paper evaluates the article titled, ‘People Aware of Mistakes While Drunk’ by Sarah Hauer. The article is about a story published in the journal of abnormal psychology and it was inspired by the belief that intoxicated people care less and mostly overlook the implications of their behavior. The research in this study held that people are aware of their behavior while drunk and they should take responsibility for their actions. He summarized this by positing that “I was drunk” may no longer be a way to avoid responsibility for somebody’s weekend misbehavior.

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From chapter seven, it is learnt that various methods can be used to assess personality. For instance, the researcher, reported in the above article, relied on observation of behavior after subjecting the participants into presumably abnormal condition. These observations helped the researcher to study the truth of the claims associated with a drunken personality. He then proceeded to interview the participants and assessed the real outcome of their state of mind with regard to the desired outcome. There is however, a drawback in the reliability of this method because subjects were exposed to standardized measure of intoxication. It cannot be assessed, however, whether the level of intoxication exposed to the participants would deter them from acting consciously. That is why more research needs to be carried out to authenticate the claim made by the study that, the drunken people are aware of their mistakes.

In conclusion, the assessment of personality can take different methodologies and that it is very simple to study the psychology of a person through simple and available tools. For the study evaluated, it is possible to link personal actions with liability if it is established that some people hide their misbehavior in intoxication.


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