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Parents and Children

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The relationship between parents and their children is extremely valuable. This link profoundly determines the later life of a child. Parents offer emotional, psychological as well as financial support to their children. The nurturing of a child around the people he or she knows and understands boosts the moral and confidence of the child. The child is capable of expressing his or her feelings as he or she is given security. In addition, this link augments the feeling of belonging since the child would appreciate the essence of a community as well as family. In this manner, the child grows up in the perfect environment that would ensure future prosperity in terms of family upbringing.

However, this does not rule out the essence of government in a person’s child. The provision of required services to the parents such as health facilities to cater for the growing child is the duty of the government. Furthermore, security to both parents and their child is a responsibility of the government. The parents ought to be offered education on the proper ways of bringing up their children in order for them to be respectable citizens. The relationship between the child and parent should be encouraged through guidance and counseling of both parties. The setting up of correctional centers to cater for juvenile delinquency offers an avenue of correcting a child’s unruly behavior. This in turn corrects a sour relationship that may have existed between parents and their children. Parents have the mandate to take care of their children in the right manner. The checking of parent’s responsibility to their children by the government is to ensure the child receives the best care offered. In case of any failure on the part of the parents, the government should come in aid of the child. Nonetheless, the entire process of nurturing a child ought to be for parents with the support of the government. In this manner, the child would grow in the right environment and would appreciate the society better. Therefore, governments should only intercede in the affiliation between parents and children when the parents utterly fail in their responsibility of caring for their children. This option comes in as a last thought.

Buy custom Parents and Children essay paper cheap

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