Free Custom «Parental Psychology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Parental Psychology» Essay Paper

Parenting styles are categorized based on the nature and extent of children attachment to their parents. In authoritarian child care organizational system, the child is brought up in analogous communistic organizational environment parentage or caretaker and punitive disciplinary measures (Dunning, 2004). The impact of such an organizational environment, impacts a high moral integrity in a child, with minimal social orientation of the child which inhibits his or her ambition.

Authoritative parentage and child care offers an efficient balance between communication with the child and administration of constructive discipline, to stir a child towards the predetermined moral path by the parent.  This parentage or child care produces some of the best, worldly renowned individuals with very high self esteem. 

Permissive parentage involves timid parents who avoid confrontation with their children. The child character is swayed by organizational influence, with no traditional or parental inherent traits. The adult of such an infancy upbringing tends to be mostly delinquents, as they try to extrapolate their absolute freedom from homes to the society.

Uninvolved parentage consists of parents completely divorced from their children’s upbringing, socially and in some cases physically in providing the basic needs. Children’s from such families or caretakers, such children are completely devastated in adapting to the code of rules that govern the society.


In most society children are brought up in the organizational environment of a family.  The well being of the child’s cognitive mind and emotion is a function of harmony and conflict in the family set up.



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