Nature versus Nurture Debate

Free Essay Sample «Nature versus Nurture Debate»

The nature versus nature debate has preoccupied the minds of scientists, psychologists and the general public for a long time. This debate seeks to highlight the individual’s innate qualities-nature, juxtaposed with the personal experiences of the individual-nurture in a bid to establish the reason for individual differences in terms of behavioral and physical traits. Nurture concerns the non hereditary concrete behavioral traits that is determined by the content provided by the home or the culture go a long way in determining the religion a person will practice, the language they speak or the football team one supports. On the other hand nature provides the heritable traits reflected in the underlying temperaments and talents within an individual such the extent that a person is liberal or conservative, the extent of the individual’s religious faith and the proficiency of language within a person (Moore 2003).

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It is apparent that traits are determined by a complex interaction of the environment and genotype making it possible to measure heritability-variations between people in a given population. Human beings are taken as blank slates-tabula rasa- from the nurture perspective thereby acquire almost all their behavior traits from the environment they are in. On the other hand, nature claims that human beings are born with unique innate characteristics that determine their physical and behavioral characteristics. Nurture has traditionally been attributed to how the family brings up an individual and does not adequately explain the variations in traits such as IQ, a measure of intelligence. These can indeed be termed as factors within the family environment as well as other influences like the socio-economic status and peer groups experience. (Nevid 2008).  Linguists have discovered that any child has the innate capability of learning a human language, nurture,  but has to be placed I, nurtured in the specific environment where the target language is available. The environment and genes work in concord, communicating back and forth to create the whole personality of an individual.

Free Essay Sample «Nature versus Nurture Debate»


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