Free Custom «Nature of Work Motivation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nature of Work Motivation» Essay Paper

Nature of work motivation is diversified and has many theories which support it. For the purpose of this essay is to summarize the nature of work motivation and it will dwell on Maslow and Alderfer’s theories and how they are being used to motivate workers. However, there are some challenges with the theories; it is unrealistic to have a small set of orders to be applied on all human resource operations and as well expect all people to be motivated by different sets of needs. Studies which were done in United States do not necessarily support the main tenets of Maslow’s and Alderfer’s theories and it’s also likely that international studies have not supported some of the important lessons about which motivates work of Alderfer and Maslow.

Expectancy theory is meant to motivate theories of motivation and equation, expectancy theory mainly focuses on how employees decide the behavior on the effort being done. Expectancy theory makes proposal on the outcome available to ensure that the employees are motivated and contribute their inputs to the organization. Employees are always believed on the relationship between their efforts and input and different performance level to understand the motivation.

The expectancy theory is when the employees do not think of capable of performing at an adequate level to maximize their efforts. The employees are also expectant of performing at the set levels as they do have targets to meet and get the outcome which they long to get. Performance of employees is done on their expectations to meet the set standards. Therefore, it’s important to motivate the employees at any given level which leads to the desired outcomes.

When an employee is motivated they are able to meet the set requirements. Therefore, its important to motivate the employees. According to the theory of expectancy managers who want to motivate their employees they must prove to the employees that he can as well meet those levels as well. However, they will defy his demands as he is not able to meet them as well. This is a good example of leading through a good example and mentorship.

When a manger makes the employees believe that the standard being set he can as well meet them. To be able to understand the correct focus on expectancy theory it is mainly determined by the direction of the behavior of the employees. The factors to be considered are identification of behaviors which would influence the employees. If they waste a lot of time casually chatting with the patients or if she limit her interactions to those who are directly pertaining to medical care, in most cases there are employees who waste much of their productive time chatting which intern makes make the company to loss a lot of time which once translated to work it’s the main reason why they do not meet the set threshold.

There are those employees who can be able to meet their demand only once they are given the support needed. While, there are those who can manage their operations with minimal supervision depending on how hardworking or commitment they have to their work. In relation to the chapter when a nurse decide on what they need they must decide on how the effort they need to exert at the Job.

If she is able to push her self to achieve the threshold set sometime they will be required to forgo some of the breaks set in the working environment. Or the dilemma would be should she just work at the stipulated time only without missing the break even if they do not meet the demand set. Or should she be encouraged to minimize on the time spent to the break. Such measures depends on an individual basis and the supervisor so that the employees would not be strained such that they reduce on their quality work as well as they try to attain much of it.


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