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Memory Processing

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Memory processing is the ability to withhold the required information in the mind for various tasks like reasoning, learning and comprehension. Ideally, memory processing continuously increases between early childhood and adolescence periods. Throughout grade school, children are faced with a challenging task of learning how to read. This is where memory processing becomes an important growth aspect as it gives children adequate skills required in learning. Some aspects such as visual memory which enables them to recall and comprehend a certain phenomenon determine their performances in the various grade levels. Children with poor visual memory tends to struggle in their learning process since their comprehension capability tends to be lower than the others.

Likewise children mostly use the sensory memory during their early development stages which is later processed into short term memory. Such memory processing is triggered by the pattern recognition or the stimulus attention. And as they continue to pass through the various grades, long term memory also develops. Quite a good number of children use the procedural memory which is based on the peers’ behaviors. In addition the semantic and episodic memory assists children to effectively enhance their memory processing throughout their grade levels.

In order to ensure an efficient memory-processing in our children and adolescents, teachers need to effectively instill social skills to the students in order to help them adapt well in their environment. They can do these by encouraging them to develop a positive attitude towards one another and towards school in general. Such positive developments will effectively transform their lives accordingly in order to coupe up with the growing social needs in their lives.

The body development in children and adolescents also triggers their memory-processing capabilities. Their gradual mental development significantly boosts their memory and psychological capacity which consequently enable them to fit well in the society. By repeatedly visualizing, the actual positive trends and actions in life may increase their memory level. Teachers should also encourage them to conceptualize whatever they see and encounter in their lives. This is because memory processing is dynamic and episodic in nature. They should use structural metaphors, intelligence quotient tests and other evaluations to boost the memory processing systems in them.

Buy custom Memory Processing essay paper cheap

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