Free Custom «Media Influence» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Media Influence» Essay Paper

The topic of the influence of media games violence on violence has attracted a heated debate w scholars arguing against or for video games violence. This has also been the same the effects of these games together with the TV on relationships. Shin (2008) noted that, even though various researches have been done in these fields, the findings have simply helped to split the scholars further. Majority of scholars have maintained that there is sufficient evidence to linked video games to the increase in some forms of violence. According to Shin (2008), some results have proved that there are no significant video game effects on violence. With this kind of contrasting positions, it will be interesting to study the pros and cons of media game violence and its effects on relationships.

Video Games and Violence

Shin (2008) highlights some common positions regarding this topic. First, he says that there has never been any finding proving that a given section of the population is affected than the other. However, there is a consistency in results showing that the most affected group is the highly aggressive individuals. Second, there is no section of population that is totally free from the effect of media violence.  The third common agreement is that media is not the only factor that is responsible for all the violence cases witnessed in the society.


Several studies have linked media game violence with various forms of violence. It has been found out that even the cartoonish and fantasies have the potential of increasing aggression in children especially when they contain some level of violence. Shin (2008) notes that a number of studies have also associated video games with the increasing rates of bullying in schools. It provides an opportunity for children to learn violence related behaviors as it rewards of players who simulate violence. Another argument is that the common disappearance of victims during these games works to desensitize players to new life violence. Similarly, according to the 2000 FBI reports, playing violent video games is one of the behaviors associated with school shootings.

Violent video games players also take violence simply as another means of solving conflicts. Studies have also shown that there is increasing belief among the youths that violence could be as well another means of realizing their dreams (Shin, 2008). The players also find it hard to forgive others whenever they are wronged. This is because aggressiveness lowers the level of apathy in players. It also instills fear on the youths as they become afraid of becoming victims of violence (Shin 2008).

Moreover, video games entails too much of the display of the physical strength. This has the potential of increasing the possibility of the youths involving themselves in violence even in situations when it would be avoided. Playing these games also affects the subconscious mind allowing the affected to routinely involve themselves in violent acts.  According to Shin (2008), such youths find themselves readily reacting violently in some given situation without premeditation.


Just like the scholars who are against the video game violence, those who are supporting the game have equally used facts from research findings to prove the point. First, they have noted that there would be no decline in the violent crime cases in the US while the video games are increasingly becoming popular among the young people. The scholars have maintained that the claim linking violent video games to violent behavior has never been proven true. They argue that studies with such findings may have simply used wrong designs or measures of violence and aggression (Shin, 2008). 

A research on the interests of various individuals on video games has also shown that only one eighth of the attackers had the interest in playing violence media games. To these scholars, this is a proof that only violent individuals are much affected by violent video games.  They insist that violent game in itself can not make one to become violent. The group has equally denied the claim that there is a link between the games and the observed increased incidences of school shootings (Shin 2008).

Lastly, the group claims that these games have provided an alternative to other more dangerous plays thereby significantly reducing violence. That it gives its players a chance to express their aggression in physical harmless ways. In addition, children who play these games have better understanding of both the rules and penalties attached to violent actions. Equally, the youths who play the games are well able to control their emotions. The scholars summarizes by noting that even though violent video games may affect the form of violence, it can never cause the violence to occur (Shin, 2008).

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Effects of Television and Video Media on Relationships

This topic has also attracted very contrasting debates. Apart from breeding violence between different parties, media can affect relationships through the reducing the duration spent in interpersonal interactions and through its effect on the sexuality of the women. According to APA (2011), television and video media have worked to portray women as sexual objects. This has corrupted the minds and attitudes of the young girls who grow-up with wrong concepts of femininity. Such girls fail to develop healthy sexuality and usually suffer low-self esteem and depressions. The larger society’s sexism is equally affected.

APA (2011) also reported that television and video games equally robs individuals off the time that they would spend together interacting. Today’s children grow not knowing how to interact with others while many marriages are also struggling to survive because couples have no time for one another.


Even though there may be reasons to support video game violence and televisions, there is need for the regulation of their use especially among the children. At the same time, there is need for further studies to clearly outline all the processes that influence individual’s involvement in violence.


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