Free Custom «Incorporating Theory» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Incorporating Theory» Essay Paper

Lazarus Theory of psychological stress

According to Antonovsky 1979, Lazarus Theory of psychological stress can explain stress in the nursing field as it was experienced during Hurricane Katrina. This theory has been taken as it covers the significance of once well being and the search of how to cope up with a situation that has adversely affected someone in pursuit of managing specific demands as in the case of Hurricane Katrina.

How theory works

This theory ensures that the person is able to recognize and understand stress relevant transaction. This means that the concept of this theory lay in the idea that emotional processes depend upon the expectancies that a person shows after an outcome of certain encounter as that of Hurricane Katrina. It can be understood through breaking it in two appraisals, primary and secondary.
In primary appraisal, there are there components that are put in place to ensure that they distinguish. The first element is goal relevance. This describes the extent to which a certain encounter refers to issues about how person cares. The second element is the goal congruence. This shows the extent to which a certain episode affects personal goals. The last element is the ego-involvement that shows once commitment towards self-esteem, moral values and ego identity (Antonovsky, 1979).
The secondary appraisal has two components. These components are distinguished as credit and blame components. The two components results from the person questioning the person behind a certain event.

Incorporating theory with stress in nursing

According to Antonovsky 1979, this theory will be incorporated in the project as it suggests coping potential of the whole calamity. In this coping potential aspect, it helps the nurse to realize the ideal of generating positive behavioral and cognitive operations that will help their personal life. It also suggests the future expectation appraisal that will help them to encounter their future challenges with respect to their goals in life and their career expectations.



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