Free Custom «Human Mind Science» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Human Mind Science» Essay Paper

Psychology is a very interesting field of study, particularly because of how it tries to uncover the mystery of the way a human mind works. This is something I have been very curious about, and I would like to understand how people process information and why they act in certain ways under the given situations. Even better, psychology is not only entirely about understanding other people’s actions. It actually helps an individual to gain greater knowledge of his or her own actions and the way it affects the person’s personality. I have so much interest in this.

From a general perspective, I think psychology is of great interest to many people and to me especially because of its diverse nature. It is a field of study that is essentially necessary in a variety of disciplines, particularly those that require interpersonal relations or an understanding of human behavior and why people respond the way they do to certain actions. Looking at this critically, if life is all about how human beings respond to their environment, and psychology explains all these reactions and other phenomena related to them, then conclusively psychology is the key to the mystery of the diverse human behavior. That is why I find it very interesting.

Beyond the chance of becoming a professional psychologist after studying this course, I believe that the course will help me to apply the knowledge in studying and understanding human behavior, particularly in social science. It would also help me to understand why people take certain actions and I would learn to forecast people’s response to certain stimuli.

Additionally, after flipping through the topics of this book, I realize that the introductory topic is not very interesting because it more or less gives just a snap shot of what should be expected while studying the course. It does not go deeper into the most interesting part about psychology. However, the chapter of psychology as a social sciences intrigues me more because it sheds light on how studying psychology would help me understand why people behave in certain ways and how psychology helps to improve interpersonal relations.

Apart from that, I have not had much experience with psychology. However, through study and observation of a few psychologists’ lifestyles, I believe that they have the best skills in solving problems regarding social relations. Therefore, these role models of psychology stand as points of benchmark for what I want to achieve in this field.

In conclusion, I have not yet decided what my major is going to be. However, I have special interest in criminal justice, and I believe that psychology will escalate me to greater heights in this particular area of study. It will make me understanding and more knowledgeable about social control and crime mitigation.



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