Free Custom «How to Make Students to Be Competent» Essay Paper

Free Custom «How to Make Students to Be Competent» Essay Paper

Competence in students in most learning institutions is in a sorry state. There is however some lime light at the end of the tunnel if teachers are keen in their work of imparting knowledge and doing so in the proper manner. The following reasons can go a long way in ensuring better competence among students.

Students can be made to be competent if they are given an opportunity and the appropriate skills to distinguish the right from the wrong answers. Dr. Dunning says that if poor performing students had the skills that would enable them to distinguish accuracy from error they would never be incompetent in the first place. During his study he asked participants to solve a logic problem in which poor performers overestimated their performance. He then gave them a clue and retested them. This time round the poor performers gave much more accurate self ratings (Kruger & Dunning, 1999, Study 4).

Showing students the results of other respondents can also increase the competency of a student. Dr. Dunning says that this helps them to realize how different and unique their performances are. For instance, asking proficient people in grammar to analyze the grammar of others causes them to raise their perception about their grammar skill.

Students can improve their competence by removing barriers to self improvement. For example, women tend to avoid science courses on grounds that they cannot be able to outdo their male counterparts. According to a study by Dr. Dunning and Ehrlinger in which the scientific skills of men and women were tested, women ranked themselves lower than the male participants. However, in the actual performance there was no disparity according to gender (Ehrlinger & Dunning, 2003, Study 4).

Students should avoid judging their competence to do a test by considering their experience with it. Some people have a tendency of claiming that they are excellent in a particular field e.g. at logical reasoning. However the one problem with it is that they have no proof as they mostly perform poorly in their objective performance (Dunning, Meyerowitz & Holzberg, 1989)

Though it seems like a nightmare students can actually be able to improve in their competence. This can be achieved by taking into consideration the above ways i.e. removing hindrances to self improvement and not judging their competence by the experience they have in a particular field. Teachers can help them improve by showing them results of others and imparting necessary skills into them.



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