Free Custom «Good Death» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Good Death» Essay Paper

Birth and death is a continuous cycle that never ends. Everybody has to die one day because death is certain. In one hundred years to come, everybody in this world will be dead and almost the same number of people will have been born. Joy never comes to our hearts every moment we imagine of our own death or the death of the people whom we really are devoted to. This can be attributed to the actuality that in the today’s society that we live in, many people have a negative attitude towards old age, sickness, vulnerability, and death; thus, the society does not have any experience at all in coming to terms with sentiments like, ‘You cannot live beyond the next three months.’ These are hard words to swallow and whenever anybody hears them; their hearts miss several beats because such sentiments arouse fear, panic, depression or even trauma (Smith 14).

According to Moyers, myths reveal what human beings have in common and they represent the stories which contribute to the search of truth. He postulates that death is complex and dynamic and it is imperative upon the human beings to understand death and cope with it. He further asserts that human beings need great help during the transition from birth, to life, and finally to death. During the stage of human development or growth, many people believe that the future is so long and looks so bright; but as a person grows and approaches the future, death becomes nearer, and the beautiful feeling about the future literally ceases. Death is real and inevitable, thus, it is of the essence for every person to be prepared mentally and psychologically so as to come to terms with this real threat. Many people would be so happy and relieved if they had the power to control or avoid death.

In various parts of the world, the life expectancy age vary; for instance, in the developed nations of the world, people can live for eighty years, however, in the less developed societies, the life expectancy age is very low, as low as fourty years. Death can arise because of various reasons; for instance, it could be as an outcome of illness, it could be as an outcome of suicide, in some cases people can die in car accidents, other deaths could be as a result of criminal activities, while some people can die in their sleep as a result of old age; thus, life is too short and no one knows when they are going to go (Smith 12).

Good death refers to the kind of death that is painless, for instance, when the family members and friends are by the side of the person dying; thus, a person dies with a lot of dignity and at a location where he/she wishes. Good death is based on several principles and ideologies that are seen to determine the death process. The person should be aware that death is imminent and he/she should have an understanding of what to come next. The person should be given the privilege to access relevant information about the progress of the death; in addition, the person should be accorded much dignity and privacy so as to have the mental capacity to deal with his/her situation. In many cases, when the patient already knows that death is certain, he/she should be accorded the chance to choose the place or location in which he/she should die at. It is also important to give the patient the necessary spiritual and emotional support that is relevant. In many occasions, the patient will be given sufficient amount of time to receive visitors so as to say to them a proper goodbye or even ask for forgiveness from the people he/she wronged or forgive the people who wronged him/her. It is, therefore, beneficial for the person to have as less pain as possible and also have enough peace with the family members or friends so that the death process can be without any conflict or misunderstandings (Smith 21).

It is very painful to watch a loved one dying on the death bed. The first thing that comes into somebody’s mind is how they are dearly going to miss the loved one, how lively, cheerful and joyous the person was, and how well he/she impacted other peoples’ lives. When all these thoughts come to mind, a great feeling of sadness and emptiness arise; hence, it is more productive to be involved in the problem so that the person dying should not feel left alone. When a loved one is dying, it is very important to learn or have a great access to information with regard to the illness and the treatment process of the person. A person should learn how to give care and attention to the patient and also how to manage their stress in order to foster efficiency. The more information a person has with regard to the illness of the patient, the better he/she will be positioned to offer the relevant assistance (Smith 21).

In addition, a person who has a loved one on the death bed should remain as calm as possible; he/she should not panic or be depressed, instead, should maintain composure so that the person who is ill should not be troubled either. This kind of composure is necessary as it boosts the courage of the patient and prepares him/her to meet the on coming death with much confidences and less worries. Therefore, the more composed or settled a person is, the greater the sense of easiness on the part of the patient (Smith 22).

When a person is dying, there are several changes that can happen to him/her. These changes can come from all perspectives. They can be physical changes, emotional changes, psychological changes or mental changes. These changes can alter the attitude of the patient toward others. A person, therefore, has the task of understanding and accepting the sick person the way he/she is and should not show any sign of prejudice or contempt towards them. It is equally important to avoid judging or giving opinions about the patient, instead a person should focus on realizing their needs and endowing them with hope in order to add them hope in life. A lot of sacrifices need to be made by putting the needs of the patients before personal needs (Smith 18).

It is also very relevant to provide spiritual care to the patient incase he/she wants so. Spiritual care is very beneficial as it keeps the patient closer to God. In case a person cannot provide spiritual care on his/her own, a pastor or a priest can be called upon to meet these spiritual needs .In addition, the patient’s needs and other wishes should be treated with a lot of importance, for instance, when the patient does not want to get out of bed or does not want to see anybody, he/she should not be forced to do otherwise, but rather his/her sentiments should be respected. Even if the patient gets angry or emotional, his/her feelings should be respected (Smith 22).

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In the national scene, the government has at times intervened in the medical care programs in order to provide enough comfort to the patients and also to attain the dynamic requirements of the patients. The state has ensured that efficient and sufficient resources are in place to support the health institutions so that they provide excellent care to the patients. Various home care centers have been established and given the mandate to meet the health care requirements of the patients. Those who have been found guilty of mistreating the patients have since been charged in courts law (Smith 22).


From the very moment a person is born, it is already known that at one time, the person has to die. Death is natural and inevitable and cannot be avoided. It is, therefore, necessary to grant a person a proper condition to die, rather than letting him die with a lot of hostility and conflicts.


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