Free Custom «Future Directions in Research» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Future Directions in  Research» Essay Paper

Terrorism has become a major concern to everyone especially in developed countries. Governments and other human rights organizations from these countries are doing everything possible to ensure that world is free from any terror. Basically, terrorism refers to use of violence and threats by a small group against the members of the lager group due to political, social, economic or religious interest. The weaker group uses terrorism as welfare to achieve goals that cannot be obtained through conventional means (Bongar, 2007). It involves small groups killing the bigger one although in rare situations the bigger group in a country terrorizes the small one.

However, there exists a misunderstanding on why individuals involve themselves in killing of others. There are those who believe that those who involve in terrorism are psychologically sick and they have no feelings for their fellow human beings (Post, 2008). To many these people are immoral and crazy and they should be treated with no mercy. Consequently, many countries have decided to use violence and unhealthy force to fight terrorism leading to more killing of innocent people (Borum, 2004).

The perception that terrorists are psychopaths need to be researched farther in order to determine exactly why people become terrorists. It is true that there are few individuals with a psychological problem who go ahead to kill for political reasons. However, it should be noted that terrorist groups that organize successful attacks are normal and very conscious of their actions. These groups have their own values that should not be blindly rejected in order to maintain social cohesion among groups with differing values (Reich, 2001).

Research on what exactly make individuals to get involved in terrorism will enable scholars to establish the real cause to global terrorism rather than relying on findings made almost thirty years ago. This will also enable governments to use modern and more realistic approaches to end terrorism rather than using forceful means which have short term solutions.



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