Feminized Class Rooms

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The classroom environment in our country is being feminized day in day out. This is attributed to the fact that the girl child is considered a weaker sex as compared to her male counterpart who is aggressive and a rationalist by nature (Gurusamy, 2007). To try and bring leverage in the education system, a lot has to be done to encourage the girl child to be in class and compete at the same level with the boy child. These include changing the class environment to accommodate the girl child. This has impacted negatively to the boy child since he has to accommodate a lot of issues which may not have arisen if the class was only an all male class. Since biologically males are superior to the females (Tandon, 2008), teachers try to neutralize this by favoring the female students like giving them leadership roles and at times allow them to make decisions that affect the whole class much to the detriment of the boy child. This has had a negative psychological impact on the boy child since he feels isolated, disengaged and facing unequal competition. The net impact of this situation is the under performance of the boy child both academically and socially.

In many elementary schools the girl child is given an upper hand in almost all fields so as to be equal to the male child. This has lead to rebellion by the boy child since he feels denied his right (Mondira, 2008). In the elementary school that I attended girls were always favored especially in the academic side like there cut-mark for promotion was three points less than that of the boys. Also teachers when addressing girl child are always friendly and accommodating but when talking to the boys they are always harsh and uncompromising. Personally, this situation had a great influence in my behavior since I had to pretend a lot so as to avoid getting into embarrassing situations. What I really know is that the class environment has not changed that much because the basic policies have not changed at all. It would be fair enough if boys attended an all boy school while girls attended an all girl school. This will help a lot since everybody will be in an environment that is favorable and the majority will be comfortable (Mondira, 2008).

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Garibaldi in his argument says that the feminization of the classroom has impacted negatively to the academic development of the boy child. Kimmel dismisses this issue and suggest that it’s the boys themselves who cause their own underperformance. Kimmel also responds to Garibaldi’s suggestion that the strategies put in place to assist the girl to develop academically are hindering the development of the boy child by saying that it only creates a false opposition between girls and boys.

Kimmel uses real life example to drive his points home, like, he gives us a situation where a boy (Doug Anglin) who has sued his school for sexual discrimination. This forms the basis of his argument and he develops as he opens up on the situation.

Free Essay Sample «Feminized Class Rooms»


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