Free Custom «Evalution on Depression on Bullying» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Evalution on Depression on Bullying» Essay Paper

Today young people are huge consumers of internet; they spend numerous hours in the internet opening pages after pages. Most of the time they are online, they do this without the supervision of an adult and this can lead to practices that are very dangerous. Some of these high dangerous behaviors include drugs, exposure to pornography, and cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is where technology is used to harass, embarrass threaten, or even work in targeting another individual. A lot of young people are victims of this vice and this topic educates and the people on how to avoid this vice. Also every day a huge number of young people wake up and are afraid of going to school (Espelage and Swearer, 171). Physical bullying which is a problem which affects thousands of students across America. Bullying is getting everyone scared, not only the students who are on the receiving end, but also the teachers, parents and the rest of the society who see it happening and understand the effects of bulling. This topic addresses this menace to students in school and educates on how to address this topic in their daily lives.

The main difference between cyber bullying and face to face bulling is that cyber bulling is committed electronically while face to face bulling is committed by an individual who you see and can recognize. For cyber bulling the perpetrator is anonymous. Cyber bulling is a recent occurrence while face to face bulling has been there for ages. Both forms of bulling are perpetrated with an intention to hurt. They are perpetrated by individual who have more power or are advantaged and do this for their personal amusement. Also if both forms of bulling are not checked they have a nature of being repeated over and over again.

There are different methods of bullying that include: physically beating, emotional and verbal attack; doing it one-on-one or bullying as a group or by singling outan individual or leaving people out in a certain activity out. Cyber bullying can include use of online threats, sending of rude texts, or a high messages count even after requesting a halt. The posting of personal information without permission such as videos that is meant to embarrass someone or hurt is also another form of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is can cause a lot of damage and cause huge upset as it is very difficult to trace as in most cases it is anonymous. Also the victims might not be aware of the message being said of them and where the meanness is emanating from. The perpetrators of online bullying can easily commit their acts as the bully will not confront the individual they are bullying. Physical bullies can range a popular child whose source of fun is harassing others, and thus they have a feel of being superior; to children who have no friend and are in search of opportunities to bully others if they are not noticed. The victims of bullies can also end up being bullies themselves if the channel their frustrations and anger into others who are weaker.

The relationship of a bully is one that is manifested by characteristics such as; there is an imbalance of power (Espelage and Swearer, 69).The bully is either an individual who is older, opposite sex, stronger, is better verbally, maybe more intelligent, may be higher in the social circles, be from a different race. Also a big number of kids can gang up together with intent to create an imbalance and bully others. Also there is an intention to harm by the bullies either by inflicting of physical or emotional pain, and the bullies will derive pleasure from their acts.

If an individual realizes the dynamics of being bullied, whether it is harassment, or being teased a method that is hurtful the victims should not suffer in silence. One should report IMs, texts, emails, etc. that one considers to be meant to bully. This can be done informing an adult they trust. In case of physical bullying teachers and parents are the ideal people to report. For cyber bulling it might be difficult as it may result in loss of some privileges such as internet and telephone and may also be embarrassing.

According to Harris, there is a huge risk in the society as far as bulling is concerned, for our learning institutions where it is mostly prevalent, all the private and public school environments that are characterized by bulling are faced by huge decrease in productivity, loss of time, and there is increased risk that has legal aspects and probability of financial liability for even the school administration and the individual who bullied (165). The continued increase in bulling in our society has reached a point whereby all have to be involved this includes the government administrators, courts, legislatures, media, society, parent, students, and the school staff. The increase in the creation of awareness of bullying as a vice, will decrease people tolerating the behavior of bulling others in our society thus help in discouraging and reducing it. It is important that institutions and places where people work address the challenge of bulling, as this is a serious violation of a person’s legal rights. The vice also tends to affect both the physical and also the emotional well being of an individual and hampers his performances as well as interfering with the good experience one would wish to derive either from work or school or their environment.



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