Free Custom «Emotional Intelligence Can?t be Learned but it Can Be Faked» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Emotional Intelligence Can?t be Learned but it Can Be Faked» Essay Paper

Critical thinking gives us the light on how to handle the emotions that arise in response to different situations. It brings up thoughts which are reflective and rational and concerning what we believe or do as it implies the capacity to bring reason to be involved with our beliefs and actions .Critical thinking should continually assess not only our cognitive abilities but also our emotion states in order to direct our beliefs and actions.

Emotionally intelligent people have a great link between intelligence and emotions as provided by the critical thoughts which assesses our implicit and explicit agendas. Emotional intelligence has been rated the best indicator of human success. It is a set of skills comprised of social competence, empathy, self motivation and control of one’s impulses when interacting with other people. This intelligence has different meaning depending on the field it is being applied. For instance in marriage, it refers to the ability of listening well and being able to calm down while in the workplace it comes up when the boss gives a subordinate staff constructive feedback regarding their performance.

People with high emotional intelligence are mainly characterized by successful work and play, building flourishing careers and lasting, meaningful and strong relationships with other individuals. It is argued that this emotional intelligence is not fixed at birth and writers have come up with ideas on how adults and parents can sow the seeds. Ancient readers have emphasized cognitive aspects such as memory and problem –solving but researchers have come with importance of non-cognitive aspects (Antonakis, 2011). Emotional intelligence is related to both intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence. Interpersonal intelligence is about the ability to understand the desires, motivations and intentions of other people while intrapersonal intelligence is described as the capacity to appreciate one’s feelings, fears and understanding oneself.

The traditionally defined types of intelligence like intelligence quotient (IQ) can not fully explain performance outcomes. It is clearly explained that the true formular for success is the development of an intelligent mind and an also an intelligent heart. Emotional intelligence brings up the numerous medical problems or drives them away and thus patients should be taught about its importance in their lives. It can be proved to be the intelligence that brings getaway to moral and spiritual intelligence. Emotional intelligence in practice is expressed by the ability of understanding feelings as they happen, managing emotions and how to handle those emotions as they come up. It helps individuals to understand when heading to peace or conflict. Emotional intelligence is greatly related to social intelligence which is a fundamental human need and it is easier for many people to learn than discarding negative emotions and gaining positive ones. The idea that emotions should be influenced by society except in self-defense is objected by readers who do not credit such knowledge born by people. It does not matter what the society wants as the purpose of emotions is to drive the person in a direction consistent with the needs of the other individuals. Concerns of any given society are ephemeral notions as compared to the evolutionary imperative, where it is a good thing in many cases to bear the instincts which override what society wants.

Emotional intelligence is divided into four branches which bring out the aspect of understanding oneself and feelings or emotions of others to discriminate among them and use information to guide ones thinking and actions. These branches are; perceiving or understanding emotions. This requires the understanding of nonverbal signals like body language and facial expressions. Secondly is the branch of using emotions to promote thinking and cognitive activities. We are able to give right priorities to what needs our attention and respond emotionally to things that catch our attention. There is a branch of understanding emotions expressed by different people. For example if someone is excited we should be able to understand where the excitement is coming from and what ma result from those emotions. Incase your boss is angry you should be concerned with the source of their anger and how to move on with them in the course of the job. Lastly, one of the important branches is about the management of emotions which is a key part of emotional intelligence. Controlling emotions and responding appropriately to the emotions of other people is necessary in emotional management. Each students ability to memorize, solve problem and do mathematical calculations are easily measured on written tests and printed as grades on result slips or report cards. These intellectual abilities dictate which college we will attend and the career path we are supposed to follow.

There are people who are academically brilliant but socially unsuccessful because they lack the emotional intelligence. It is there fore clear that intellectual intelligence is usually less important than emotional intelligence in the determination of how successful we are. Emotional intelligence can be learned but not in a standard way. It should be learned and clearly understood on an emotional level as it can not be mastered by memorizing. The emotional parts of the brain should be connected to others as we try to study emotional intelligence in a way that produces change. There skills that we should bear in order to maintain our emotional intelligence. Methods of reducing stress are part of these skills because when we are under pressure it is hard to make decisions or think rationally (Fiori, 2011). The mind is overwhelmed by stress blocking the ability to accurately read a situation you are facing or hear what someone else is saying and communicate clearly. For a good condition of the mind and the whole body we should be in a position to manage anything that may bring stress to us in any way. Be keen to know when you are stressed and identify what response of your body is towards the stress then come up with ways on how to control yourself and bring down the condition undermining your mind. Always try to connect the impact of your emotions to your thought and actions. Emotional awareness is very important factor in understanding ourselves and others. People may sometimes be disconnected from their emotions like joy, happiness, anger and fear but you can not deny or eliminate or feelings.

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Emotions are always there no matter we are aware of them or not, lack of knowledge about our emotions blocks us from understanding our own motivations and needs and also effective communication with others is difficult. Signals are nonverbal communications which is emotionally driven most of the times. These messages bring out our feelings in the sense of trust, excitement, confusion or fear. We can broaden our emotional intelligence through playing and laughing which allows us to view hardships and disappointments from new perspectives. Creativeness and innovativeness helps us loosen up as we free from rigid ways of thinking and able to see things in new ways. During conflicts our emotions are clearly expressed through our reactions toward other people, and this will need our intelligence in order to take tings at the appropriate pace in settling down these emotions. We should resolve old feeling s about conflicts by understanding the reality of a current situation. As you argue first ink whether the issue is worth arguing or not because arguments take time for them to be resolved in the right way. Have the heart of forgiving whenever someone wrongs you but do not insist on punishing them for their wrongful acts.

Incase the hurtful behavior is not terminated find refuge and protect yourself from mistreatments. Conflicts can only occur between two or more people and if the conflict seems to be persistent you can choose to end them by disengaging even you still disagree. This is important as you remain relaxed and at peace with your mind. Leaders should be careful on how they manage their moods for effective leadership to be appreciated by the citizens (Schulte, 2004). Everyone is always ready to learn from the boss and if the leader is emotional it will take time for the staff to relate well with them. Signals are common when people are expressing themselves and each individual should be careful not to emotionally communicate nonverbally giving the impression to the people. Self discipline is a factor which should be keenly observed to prevent the personal psychological wants from taking over. Downfall of Richard Nixon came from his inability to manage the personal insecurities though he was able to strategize effectively on foreign policy. George W. Bush overcame his alcohol problem and showed conviction in policies although they were unpopular in the state which his emotional intelligence.

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In order to develop better means of living we should be rational and appreciate the role of emotions and thoughts in our minds. Experts have seen the need to teach people emotional intelligence and this has been able due to the willingness of the individuals to be taught. These teachings are carried out forms of seminars, take classes, and the learners are willing to pay cash to gain the skills which are being administered. The learners believe that learning will improve their lives through better management of emotions and understanding others. Emotional intelligence can not be faked as it is determined by personal traits which are biological or developed willingly by the individuals. People have different emotions like hot tempered, excited and light hearted (Brody, 2004). There are key elements on which emotional intelligence is based and these determine their presence in an individual. Self awareness in people allows them to recognize their emotions and never let their feelings to rule them. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and thus can organize their efforts in the best way possible to achieve the best.

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Another element is that of self regulation where the people have the capacity to control their emotions. This group of people will never allow themselves to become too excited or too jealous and do not make careless decisions because they think before engaging in any act. Motivated individuals have emotional intelligence as they bear the reason to move on with their activities and can forego immediate results for long-term success. They are effective in whatever they do and love challenges for betterment of their services and high productivity(Roberts, 2001).

In conclusion, emotional intelligence can not be faked as it is determined by personal traits which are biological or developed willingly by the individuals. It requires good heart and ability to live happily with people for empathy to exist among them. They are able to identify and realize the needs, lives and views of the people around you. These people live honestly not jumping into their own judgments and livingly openly with others. Social skills helps in maintaining relationships as people can communicate and manage their disputes in an excellently. This element gives them the love of others such that they do not focus on their own success but help others to also shine in their performance.



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