Free Essay Sample «Discussion Question»

Free Essay Sample «Discussion Question»

Therapy is normally provided to individuals with psychological sickness in order to improve their health. It can be either marriage and family therapy or individual and group therapy. In family and marriage therapy, the therapist includes the patients' intimate relatives during the treatment. A family's patterns of behavior have immense influence to the patient and they need to be included in treatment process. Therefore, in family and marriage therapy unit of treatment involves a set of relationships that surrounds an individual (DeLucia-Waack, 2004).

A supervisor in marriage and family therapy should be in a position to involve the immediate relatives of the patient since their behavior might have contributed to the illness and consequently it can impact healing. On the other hand, the supervisee should be willing to give reliable information to the supervisor about his/her intimate relatives for the therapy to be successful (Wetchler & Hecker, 2003).
Family and marriage therapy involve close relatives of the individual. This could be husband, wife, children, and other close people to the patient whose behaviour patterns may influence treatment.

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A supervisor in this kind of therapy normally studies intimate relations of the patient to facilitate treatment. Individual and group therapy involves treatment of individual or individuals without involving behavior patterns of their intimate relatives. In the individual format, a single psychotherapist attends a single patient at a time. On the other hand, in group therapy one or more therapists attend more than one patient at the same time (Wadeson, 2010).

However, for therapy to be successful, the supervisor needs to be aware of the type of therapy to be implemented and more so be familiar with the culture of the patient. It is also necessary for the therapist have sufficient skills and experience on the area of concern so that patients may have confident in him/her (Wadeson, 2010). Failure by the supervisor to meet these requirements results to unsuccessful therapy and patients are normally affected negatively.


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