Free Custom «Development of Relationships at an Early Age» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Development of Relationships at an Early Age» Essay Paper

Development of relationships at an early age is sometimes responsible for the poor development of the emotional and social wellbeing of an individual. The character development of an individual usually develops in his or her young age. The characters which an individual gets in his or her late life develops early in life and when there is a problem in the development, there will be a defective character in the late life of the individual.

Erikson developed psychological theory of development of psychology. In his theory, he states that the personality of an individual develops in stages but not in one instant (Maslow, 2009, p. 45). The theory of Erickson stipulates that the development of psychology takes place throughout the life of an individual. Its main element is the ego identity development. The development of the ego by the person is the main determinant of the character and behavior of person. According to the theory, the identity of ego is the self consciousness of and individual and comes as a result of social interactions. The theory however postulates that the ego can change with time. The change comes as a result of social interactions with people, new experiences and gathering of new information. The theory postulates that all the stages of development are motivated by competence.

According to the theory, the beginning of relationship while a person is young makes him or her loose his or her identity. In a relationship, a person will need to cede some of the views which he or she believes that are important. This would make the individual lack the ego which is important. The person cannot make his or her own decision because he or she feels that they need to consult their friend. It thus makes the person unable to make an important decision in his or her life. The person is supposed to be single for some time until the time when he has grown up and all the personality has basically developed. This would make it impossible for his or her social or emotional character to change and be defective (Maslow, 2009, p. 55).

Bronfenbrenner (1979, p. 78) developed a psychological theory which was also touching on the development of psychology. He developed the ecological theory of development which is a reflection of the influence of the environment on the development of an individual. He identified five systems of ecology which affect ones psychology. They are as follows: micro system, meso-system, exo-system, macro-system, and chrono-system. The micro-system is where the live of an individual revolves. It includes the parents, teachers, peers among other things. This is what is affected when a person develops an early relationship (Bronfenbrenner, 1979, p. 80).

In developing an early relationship, the individual’s micro system is interfered with. The person gets new people in his environment that matters a lot. This becomes worse if the character of the person is not good and especially when the other partner is older than him or her. The person will acquire the bad characters in that person and thus will be having a defective character. In addition, the person needs some free space with which his or her character can develop. With interference with the micro system of a person, there is a higher possibility that the person will not have a good character (Bronfenbrenner, 1979, p. 83).

As per this theory, the ecosystem also contains norms, roles and rules which are important for the development of an individual (Andersen, 1993, p. 36). This is important in the development of a character which is socially acceptable. The rules of the society will dictate what the person is supposed to do and what he or she is not allowed to. As part of this development, the person will need to ensure that he or she develops his or her psychology with the society rules in mind. It has been argued that the development of an early relationship in early days will make a person not acquire the necessary norms. It will mask the ability to know them developing a defective character (Bronfenbrenner, 1979, p. 85).

Moslow (1954, p. 13) also developed a psychology theory. It is called the Moslows hierarchy of needs. It is concerned with human motivation. In the theory, he believes that a cripple can only yield a cripple. In that case, a person of a bad character can only make another person of a bad character (Bondurant, 1971, p. 1110). Since in a relationship people are very close, there is a high possibility that the development of such a relationship at a young age can make the person adopt the characters of another person. If the partner has some defective character, the person is very much likely to develop such a defective character. This would not be the case with an individual who has already developed his or her character (Maslow, 1954, p. 15).

According to Moslow (1954, p. 19), the needs are in a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid are those needs which very fundamental while needs such as the ones for self actualization are at the top. According to the theory, the psychological and safety needs are the most basic in any individual. Third on the pyramid is the love and a sense of belonging (Comer, 2004, p. 87). The love and belonging involves family, intimacy and friendship. Human beings need to be loved and to love. Lack of such can lead to the poor development of any individual. This means that there is a certain stage at which a person must be shown some affection failure to which he or she will not have a good psychological development (Maslow, 1954, p.29).

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In conclusion, the people who develop relationships early are likely to have defect in the psychological development. They tend to have some qualities which are not as expected by the society. They tend to copy the bad characters from an individual they are dating thus making them very vulnerable to developing a bad character. It is therefore advisable that people avoid relationships until they are mature enough. The children who develop the early relationship find it hard to adjust in the society with some defect in their character. This is not always the case because in some cases, the children from the good mentors they have.


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