Free Essay Sample «Corporal Punishment»

Free Essay Sample «Corporal Punishment»

      In the American society, many citizens employ spanking in the process of disciplining their children. Spanked children are violent, alienated, have low self-esteem, anti-social, and engage in undesirable behaviors.

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One distinction between children who are physically punished and those that are not lies on their self-esteem. Children who experience corporal punishment tend to be shy because of the low self-esteem that has already developed within them. This is because spanking tells children that they are evil people and that they deserve pain and harassment. It makes them feel that they are less valuable than others. Therefore, suc children will feel unwanted and insignificant all their lives compared to the other children.

Moreover, children who are spanked tend to develop aggressive behavior as a means of hitting back on the circumstance. This is also because these children tend to think that the best things are achieved through violence and fighting others. On the other hand, the ones that are not physically punished by the parents or teachers tend to be calm and disciplined. With the understanding of these facts, it is vital to avoid corporal punishment.

In addition, children who are physically punished are quite antisocial compared to the other ones. This is because corporal punishment seems to communicate to them that physical punishment is caused by one’s own negative behaviors. As a means of getting away from trouble, they cease involving themselves with other people and stay alone. These children also seem to be alienated from their parents.

What is more, children who are physically punished tend to develop more undesirable behaviors than those who are nonphysical corrected. This is because corporal punishment makes children react negatively, hence upholding the unwanted behaviors that were being corrected. Therefore, people should avoid corporal punishment and use nonphysical methods of correction.


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