Free Custom «Consciousness Theory» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Consciousness Theory» Essay Paper

This theory was a concept developed by Paulo Freire insisting that education is supposed to open the mind of the learners to critical analyzes every situation to perceive the intent and take appropriate action. Consequently, the philosopher rejected the idea of teaching theoretical concept and in turn emphasized the need to formulate a comprehensive awareness development program. Freire refers to the existing education model as “critical consciousness.”

Freire describes the current education as a banking education concept that lacks interactive communication whereby teachers deposit information to students who receive the knowledge, repeat and memorize it. As a result, students gain passive information without the ability to critically evaluate the content.

In the article “Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich: technology, politics and the reconstruction of education,” the author discusses the theories of education and technology as examined by Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich. The article seeks to mediate over the positions of Freire and Illich on the issues surrounding education and the society. The article highlights the importance of history learning within the schools (Kahn &Keller, 2007).However, the author quickly notes that history should only be studied for the purposes of emancipator arguments and critical review on how history can be used in enhancing the current society. The article further analyzes the current significant education theories that must look into both the positive and negative asects of the Freire theory in order to reconstruct the future of education. The article highlights the challenges faced by the contemporary education system if there need to adopt the Freire theory of education. The current education system will be faced by a major huddle by moving away from the conventional learning methodologies rooted in the use of print materials.

The main challenge associated with adopting the Freire theory of education is that

It is likely to result in a generational gap between the adults and the youth. As a result, we should focus on creating an educational system that would equip students with both cultural and social skills while producing democratic citizens.

The article, “On Paulo Freire’s philosophy of praxis and the foundations of liberation education” by David Glass analyzes the ontological basis of Freire’s philosophy of education by critiquing the structure of the theory argument. The article critically analyzes the required education liberty based on nonviolence ethics. Education is asserted to be a will of freedom growing out of creative energy that can be imparted by teachers of diverse skills regardless of knowledge type. The capacity to move beyond the levels constrained or created by third parties is carved as through the habitual attentiveness to detail and to cognitive faculties in order to move beyond the reprimanded naïve transitional stage to critical consciousness (Glass, 2001).

Ultimately, critical consciousnness is defined as the capacity to understand the social, economic, political and cultural social space that determines the definition of one’s identity within the society. Social media propaganda is another illiteracy that is driven by emotional and fallacies in order to feed the public with biased ideology. The article further analyzes the problems faced by the third world countries due to the current education system. The third-world populations are oppressed but since they lack knowledge to define oppression leadership from democratic freedom, there is scarcely any political movement or action towards transforming the society (Glass. 2001). That means, the society is not responding to changes appropriately since the information is wrong or the education system made people too dependent on work or other short term goals forgetting the importance of long term social reform goals. To overcome theoretical perspective, one needs to develop the practical engagement within every process in order to feel the reality

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Conclusively, the two articles fail to give the precise methodologies that can be adopted in fully implementing the Freire theory of education into the current education system. By only analyzing the importance of adopting the Freire theory of education, the two authors fail to offer workable solutions that can enable the contemporary society adopt the theory without creating a generational gap in the education sector. Besides, the authors center on criticizing the current education system without looking into its practicability and positive attributes to the society.


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