Free Essay Sample «Concepts of Psychology: The Case of Alan and His Family»

Free Essay Sample «Concepts of Psychology: The Case of Alan and His Family»

Modern world has developed so much in terms of technology and the overall social wellbeing of the society. Today, there is an increase in access to Medicare and other medical-related services. However, there is also an increase in psychological problems. People in the current societal setup, regardless of the development of the society to provide good services to their lives face a lot of challenges in terms of their psychology on a daily basis. These have been found to emanate from the pressures of life as each person seeks a life that is better than the current life. A good example of psychological problems that people face in the modern world is the case of Alan and his family.

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There are several psychological concepts that can be drawn from the case of Alan and his family. To begin with, there is a concept of anger that is identified in this case. This concept is related to the theory of behavior that has tried to understand people’s behavior in the society. The concept falls under behavioral approach to psychology. Anger is whereby people react to each other or situations in an uncontrolled emotional manner. Throughout this case, different characters elicit their anger either towards situations in their lives or towards each other. For example, when Alan’s sister asks him about his feeling in regard to his recent change in behavior, e replies in anger by asking what kind of question his sister was asking him. When Denise’s mother speaks negatively in regard to her former boyfriend that he did not have character, she replies in anger towards her mother that that is not true.


The concept of social support which is closely linked to buffer theory of social support and cognitive approach to psychology is also clearly portrayed in the whole case. Social support is a concept whereby individual in a particular group of people such as a family receive and give emotional and physical care to each other. There is lack of social support. From the beginning, the family instead of supporting Alan with his new job and finding ways in which they would increase the time they spend together, they resented it and failed to offer this support. When Denise breaks up with her boyfriend, her father does not support her. Instead he responds to her situation by saying that she will get another boyfriend. Her mother responds by saying that he did not have a good character. In the case of Denise’s brother Carl, while struggling with the issue of identity, he is rebuked that instead of complaining, he should be grateful because of what his family provided.

Another concept that is clearly depicted in the case is the element of deception that is associated with the deception theoory and behavioral approach to psychology. This is whereby individuals deceive themselves or other people in regard to situations at hand. This may be conscious or subconscious. Different characters in this case have a deceptive character. For example, Alan lies to his boss about his health status and says that he had contacted flu and therefore, he was not in a position to do the presentation to the customers. When Alan goes to a family physician to consult about the problem he was facing, his problem is not diagnosed. Instead, the physician deceives him that heart attack was ruled out in Alan’s case and therefore he needed just a few painkillers. There is also self deception that led individuals to perceive themselves in the negative light. For example, the situation in Alan’s life caused him to believe that he was an underachiever.


The concepts that are mentioned above are closely linked to one another as the causatives of each one of them have the same genesis i.e. they occur in such a way that one can lead to the other. On the other hand, the causes of these concepts are related in a way and solving one of them can lead to an ultimate solution to the other. For example, when a person receives social support, he/she can be able to control resentment towards other people in the society and especially towards his/her family members.


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