Free Custom «Complexities between Parents and Grandparents» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Complexities between Parents and Grandparents» Essay Paper


Relationship between parents and grandparents is essential. This is because each of them has a particular role to play in the life of children. Growth and development of children entirely depend on such relationships. This paper explores complexities in this relationship while addressing its strengths and weaknesses.

Complexities between Parents and Grandparents

Parents and grandparents are completely different. This is the source of complexities. In as much as they are supposed to relate to bring up the children, a number of challenges arise. Grandparents are mature while parents are young. This can be evidenced by the first writer, who says, “I took along my son, who had never had any fresh water up his nose and who had only seen lily pads from train windows.”  He remembers the days when he was taken for a tour at the same venue by his father who is now the grandfather of the boy.

Grandparents are fresh and cheerful while the young parents are tired and overworked. Parents wants to build careers, buy homes, run tight budgets and figure out the direction of life. Grandparents have no such plans. They now have most of the things they need for life. Most of their time is left for fun with their grandchildren. The second writer narrates her love with the grandmother and says, ‘Senna’s love between herself and her grandmother is familial, lifelong and tinged with prejudice’.

Vision is yet another complexity between the parents and grandparents. Grandparents are visionary while the young parents are shortsighted. Young parents want their children to have the best and most current things in the world today. They often assume grandparents because they are ancient in their ways. But the old people understand times and life and so have an upper hand in molding children. Besides, they can see things clearly due to their age unlike the young parents who have less experience on life.

These complexities have strengths. As a matter of fact, the grandparents were once young parents. Mature grandparents are able to instill good ideas in the young parents as well as help the grandchildren. This will ensure that the young generation do not lose truck but lead a desirable life. The first writer says, ‘It would not be I but my father who was saying the words or making the gesture’.This is to show how the words of a grandfather can have impact on a family and grandchildren in particular.

Time difference is yet strength. Parents desire current things while the grandparents are ancient in their thinking. Such a balance is vital since it creates an environment for the complete growth and development of the children. Grandparents will teach them history as parents emphasize on the current things. The children will then have a good foundation for learning when they begin school.

Weaknesses have also emerged in these complexities. Grandparents are fresh and have no stress while the young parents are overworked and stressed. Parents might think that the grandparents are teaching children to become idle funny. This is because the old people have time to tell stories and laugh with them. For example the second writer says, ‘The grandmother's angry interaction with the housekeeper causes her, to assert her true feelings’.In this context, it is obvious from their chat that the grandmother is protecting her from interactions.

 In conclusion, relationships between parents and grandparents should be encouraged. It is true that complexities do exist between them. These differences have both strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to understand the true nature of complexities in the relationships.



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