Free Essay Sample «Communication and Conflict Resolution»

Free Essay Sample «Communication and Conflict Resolution»

The understanding that women and men have different various styles of communication helps the women and men to better understand each other. All couples are known to have conflict at different times. This is due to the fact that they both have strong emotional connections because they love each other. I have been through conflicts in my marriage and I know that conflict is not bad. The couple should work through the problem and they should be respectful of each other in both action and communication (Peter 104).

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Women and men respond to all conflicts in very different ways. The men are most likely than the women to withdraw from the conflict which is facing them and in fact they withdraw more when the omen attempt to get the men to talk about the problem. The women tend to be more direct than men when it comes to solving conflicts and this is because the women tend to be more concerned with emotional feature of the relationship (Brehm, et al 98).


Unhappy couples find it difficult to resolve conflicts because they often have miscommunication. These kinds of couples do not focus on the conflict itself but they bring all issues back in order to avoid the original conflict. The unhappy couples assume that the partner can be able to read their minds, they also find fault with all the spouse brings up as a solution. The unhappy couples compete with their spouses and also display negative attitudess. If the conflicts are not resolved, they simmer between the spouses and they end up into bigger problems (Galvin, Bylund & Bromell 56).

The happy couples use active listening skills, they always say what they mean, and they are polite and stay cool. These couples offer respect and validation to each other all the time. The couples develop regulations as they continue to spend more time with each other. The couples should have clear rules for handling conflicts. There are couples who have practiced this and they have always remained happy. It is very healthy for the spouses to understand that conflict happens but it only depends how it is handled but the partners and this is also key (Peter 46).



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