Free Custom «Child Psychology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Child Psychology» Essay Paper

In Stout’s article, the child wakes up and the first thing she thinks of is her father’s iPhone. Most parents now use the iPhone to keep their children busy as they go about their businesses like shopping in a super market or having a conversation with a friend because once a child gets hold of the phone, she becomes fully occupied a busy with all the entertainment that the phone has to offer. However, some of the childhood development specialist views this as a worrying trend. One parent, Natasha Sykes explains how her now 3 and a half year old child was very delighted on her first time to hold her father’s iPhone when she was barely 2 years old. According to Sykes, Kelsey and her 2 year old brother have so many toys they can play with but they just are most attracted to the iPhone than any other toy.

While Sykes was disturbed by her child’s addiction to the iPhone, another mother Kellie Hotz used her iPhone to calm done her child and have him go to school.  For instance when her 2 year old child Brandy Hotz insisted that he had to watch Mickey Mouse, cartoon program before going to school, watching Mickey on the iPhone via YouTube could calm him done. However, little did Ms Hots know that giving her child the phone would make him addicted to it to an extent that he needed to use force before the child could surrender the phone. The attractive features on the iphone such as games, video and music applications have made most parents wondering whether the iPhone is an educational tool or its ruining their children. Some parents like Jill Mikols a mother of two attribute their children’s ability to read and spell on the iPhone. This paper addresses the effects of this new technology on child development.

The topic presented in the article is very relevant at the current time because most of the children now are more concentrated on the playing games not only on the iphones but also on computers. In every home you might go may it to visit a friend or a family relative, the first thing a child in that home will ask you is your phone. Smart phones like the iPhone have even made children more attracted to phones than before. Comparing the current time to our generation when we were growing up, current children are more conversant with operating sophisticated phones than we were during our childhood. For instance, Kelsey would always cry for her father’s iPhone each and every time. This obsession for technology is too much for a 3 and a half year old child. Although some might argue that this is the current human nature and we should live with it, the truth is that a child should develop all round and not only in one sector. The environment a child grows in will definitely determine the manner in which he will develop. This therefore means that if a child does not grow in an environment where he is encouraged to read books, then you will find that he will not be able to perform well in class and eventually he might not grow up to be a fully developed human being human can make useful decisions on his own.

This trend of obsession with iPhones is definitely not good for child development. In most of the time you find that a child will never spare time to looks at books. Even whenever children are at school, they always long for that time when they will be free to go home and play games or watch video clips on the iPhones. For a child to develop  his brain, he needs not only to concentrate on the iPhone but interact with other children and gets a hands on experience on most of the child activities like running, construction of tools, playing games like hide and seek including other games. Using the iPhone will only develop one skill and forego others that might even be more important that than watching videos on the games. Parents should therefore encourage their children to also spend time on their books. As much as Etesse might say that her children learnt reading and vocabulary from iPhone this is a rear case. In any case, most of the reading and vocabulary might not be very useful in classroom because you also need other skills like calculation to succeed in class.

Brain development is affected with this kind of trend because the child will only be conversant with technology and the rest of the skills that are useful for a child’s development such as physical and social development will be hindered. For instance, since a child spends most of his time on the phone, he will not have time to play physical games such football, running or riding bicycles which is also useful for development of the bones. Such a child therefore be vulnerable to small injuries like bruises because his bones are not that tough. As much as brain development is useful, physical development should also be considered. Children who engage in physical games like running or cycling have more stronger bones because of the exercise they do as compare to those who only sit in the houses and play games on their iPhones.


Its evident that most parents use technology to keep their children busy while they go on with their business. Little do they know that such kind of behavior is not useful to the children. Just like Jane puts it, a child learns to needs whole body movement and manipulation of several objects and not just some sophisticated technology. The best way to learn is through listening and understanding language in addition to the technology. The lesson has therefore made me understand that because of ignorance, most parents might be ruining their children’s future and yet they do not know. It is important therefore that students are able to pass such lesions to parents in order to develop a better future for the children.



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