Free Custom «Child Pornography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Child Pornography» Essay Paper

This article compares two groups of child pornography offenders who participated in a voluntary program aimed at treating them. One group comprises of men who were prosecuted for possession, distribution, or receipt of child abuse images but had not had a hand-on sexual abuse. The second group was of those men who had been prosecuted for similar offences but had a hand-on sexual abuse to a child. The main idea here is to find out the role played by the two types of offenders. This is in the sense of whether internet offenders are simply contact perpetrators with no hands-on sexual abuse and vice versa. This article is related to this topic in the sense that it will help in finding out how child pornography perpetrators abuse children using the internet. That is whether hands-on or just online. According t this article, “the Internet offenders are significantly more likely than not to have sexually abused a child via a hands-on act.’’ This article will also aid in investigating the likelihood of an offender abusing multiple victims.

This article presents an international perspective about sexual exploitation of children. The mood of the international community on child pornography is brought out well in the article whereby various reactions from different countries are represented. The article cites the G-8 standings on child pornography where it is condemned using the strongest terms possible. For instance, the justice and home affairs minister of theeight most powerful nation is the world told a conference in June 2008 stated:

"We strongly condemn and denounce all forms of sexual exploitation of children, including the practice of persons traveling abroad and engaging in sexual conduct with children, as well as the alarming flood of images of sexual abuse of children - so-called child pornography - on the Internet."

Legal actions taken by various countries are also highlighted including those of Japan, which is one of the most populous nations. Therefore, this article is essential for this research because it will aid in investigating the seriousness the world has on sexual exploitation in children through pornography. The Japan times is a newspaper that has an international reputation and thus the editorial of this newspaper is reliable.

The availability of the internet and technology has boosted the rate at which child pornography takes place. This article evaluates this fact in relation to various surveillance methods used to detect this crime. It also looks at the history of the offenders in terms of whether they had been identified as sex offenders. Therefore, this article is particularly beneficial in evaluating the possible methods that can be used in preventing child pornography and its consequences. The effect of the changing trends in the internet is will also be evaluated using this information. The authors of this article are renowned researchers in social sciences implying that the information in this article is considerably reliable.

This book looks at child pornography in relation to how the media portrays it. The main emphasis is done on the role of internet in perpetuating child pornography especially in developed countries mostly in the western world. The book also looks at the hysterical coverage of the media in relation to social concerns. Therefore, this book will be instrumental in establishing the actual role played by the media that is mostly used to perpetuate child pornography. Issues such as accessibility of the internet by both the victims and, the perpetrators will be established and its role in the crime analyzed. In addition, the book provides a sucking definition of child pornography thus; it will help in putting various issues correctly and in relation to the crime. Maxwell Taylor who is one of the authors of this book has written a number of books on sexual issues not only in children but also in the general population. Similarly, Ethel Quayle has written a number of books that evaluate the overall social set ups including moral issue like sex. Therefore, this book provides a reliable source of information on child pornography in relation to the internet.

This article looks at child pornography in different perspectives and explains its trends in arrests made in the year 2000 and 2006 also the legal issues surrounding the vice. Trends of child pornography basing on ethnicity are also highlighted with the whites and the Hispanics being the subjects of investigation. The direction of the crimes, arrests, and prosecution of individual in relation to child pornography is discussed. The distribution of offenders among different age brackets is also exposed in the article. This article will help in establishing trends of this crime thus determines how the crime takes place in the society with respect to gender, age and race. It will also be useful in highlighting various legal issues that are associated with child pornography.



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