Free Custom «Career Counseling and Vocational Psychology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Career Counseling and Vocational Psychology» Essay Paper


The developmental perspective on work adjustment and vocational choice by Donald E. led to his immense contribution to the practice of career counseling and vocational psychology. According to Professor Super, the differences individual’s perspective on workers and occupation ignores the longitude vantage point. From this vantage point, how people improve self vocational coping repertoires consequently moving to good jobs which provide better to opportunities to utilize their abilities and satisfy their need is clearly observed.  The research by Super forced other scholars to carry out extensive studies on how people develop careers. This was done through the application of the ‘Life span and life space’ model that conceptually explained and defined operationally individual’s coping behaviors and development tasks that enhance work adjustment and occupational choice. Through this invasion, Super was able to show other scholars that career provides an important focus for personality study and human development.

Supers’ thinking was concentrated on individual’s difference in development and how they did fit on various occupations. This was done putting to consideration the possible ways that people develop their career roles throughout their lives. The occupational psychology concentrates on deducing how people fit into their careers while work psychology concentrates on associating peoples’ careers and their lives.  The longitudinal view stipulated by Super began with the natural career choice as stipulated by individual’s biographies.   From Super’s work history development, the importance career features which include maturation, salience, patterns, stages, and themes were elaborated. Each of these facets has immensely affected career theories and practices.

The distinction between career choices process and content emerged from Super’s ideas about the difference between social occupations and personal careers.  The choice of content deals with individual’s occupations and tells the occupation one is interested in. The process of individual’s career choice tends to explain why an individual may be interested in a particular occupation.  The study of salience and maturity enabled Super to the process through which the youth go through while readying themselves for specific careers.  Career maturity was labeled as an individual’s readiness to make sound decisions. Further, Super explained that choices made by the youth should not be taken seriously. The need to foster positive development of the youth as a way of making them make realistic and wise choice devoid of confusions and indecisiveness was also explained by Super.

Super’s research on individuals’ development career choices has widely been praised for its assessment on the youth choices.  The fact that the choices made by the youth should not be seriously considered is supported by various cognitive theories. Generally, it is assumed that the cognitive ability of the youth develops to the point of maturity. For this reason, the decisions made by the youth are easy influenced by the surrounding environment. However, a maturity stage, an individual’s mind is fully developed and decisions made are based on personal views and opinions.

On the other hand, scholars have supers work since it is based on static as opposed to dynamic character traits. The environment may affect individual’s growth rate and maturity. This implies that it may be possible for a young person in age to make sound decisions as far as careers are concerned. The concentration on matching individual characters to specific careers is also observed to be a major weakness of Super’s model.  Further, the elaboration of specific battery test and assessment techniques as ways of enabling the councilor determine a particular pattern exhibited by given individuals is inconclusive. This is because no consistent pattern is expected various factors that affect growth and decision making are not put to consideration.

It is expected that wrong results may be obtained from the interest inventories that use occupational titles for the case of young people who are less aware of the careers. Young people who have limited knowledge about the world of work may not use the interest inventories to plan for their futures.   However young people who have knowledge of their careers of interest may adequately prepare for the future through establishing the necessary skills required for specific jobs.

The research carried out indicated that the participant adequate planning career planning abilities. This may be attributed to the environment where he was brought up. The fact that he lived through hard conditions implies that he must have taken his time to think about the career he would want to pursue in the future.  This is also evident by observing the marks obtained under the career exploration section. The marks obtained under the career development attitudes were also high indicating that the participant was under the maturity stage.  The results also showed that the concerned person had poor information competency. This was evident through the observed low marks in career, occupational and work knowledge.  Additionally he results indicated that the concerned person was an adolescent. The family factors may also have affected the decisions made by the boy. The environment at home may also have affected the decisions made by the participant.

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Supers’ research has immensely contributed in the discovery of factors that affect choices   made by young adolescents.  The application of the study has anbled psychologist to obvserve trends that affect the young people decision making process. However, the research has been observed to have various weaknesses that call for additional study.



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