Free Custom «Biographies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Biographies» Essay Paper


John Bowlby born in London in 1907 was the fourth child of six. He was a son to Sir Anthony and Lady Bowlby who were most of time away from their children. The mother was always busy during the day and she could only be seen for unusually short time, while the father a surgeon could only be seen on Sundays. However, the family used to have a holiday to the New Forest in July and to Scotland in late summer. Bowlby used this period to write as well as ball skiing with its Scottish reels. As a psychiatrist, his influence was by the situations of severely disrupted relationships between mothers and their children sent to his clinic on various occasions. Therefore, he came up with attachment theory to show the importance of mother-child bond.

Mary Ainsworth born in Glendale Ohio was inspired into the field of psychology after reading William McDougall`s book about character and the conduct of life. Mary was mentally affected after divorcing with her husband, thus this led to interest in studying psychoanalytic theory. Her research based on the maternal-infant attachments, which later inspired massive body of research on early childhood attachment.

Melanie Klein was born the year when Charles Darwin died and that in 1882. Melanie’s life and her psychoanalytic views inspired her so much. For instance, her parents never chose to have her; she lost her analyst, her marriage did not work out, and she lost her son in a tragic climbing accident. Therefore, because of all this happenings in her life, she was mentally affected leading her study more in the psychoanalytic theory and technique.

Donald Winnicott was the famous British pediatrician, child psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst born into a wealthy middle-class family in Plymouth, England in 1896. He was mainly influenced by the seriously disturbed children who had been evacuated from London and other regions, and separated from their family (Kahr, 1996).


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