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Bibliomania is a condition that entails excessive collection, accumulation and purchase of books that are not to be used by the collector. However, this is not a psychological disorder. Therefore, bibliomania is a disorder that entails obsession with books. For instance, an individual can buy multiple copies of the same book and the same edition, or accumulation of books beyond the level of use or pleasure (Holbrook, 2001).

The symptoms of bibliomania are, obsessive collection of books, collection of a large amount of books, the large collection of books is unnecessary, a feel of relief upon an individual purchasing a book and the reduction of anxiety upon hoarding f books(Jackson, 2001).

According to Jackson (2001), the causes of bibliomania are not yet clear. However, researches have shown that the disorder is genetic. Development of bibliomania in some of the victims is as a result of a stressful life that is hard to bear with. Therefore, upbringing and the history of the family member is one of the primary major causes of this disorder. Bibliomania can affect any person regardless of their age, gender, physical, economic or psychological condition. Other causes of bibliomania are alcohol abuse and social isolation.

Bibliomania is a condition that requires professional aid in its treatment. Treatment is through this is bbehavior therapy and with medication, psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and Cognitive behavioral therapy. The medications for this disorder are the administering of Desipramine,  Clomipramine, deep brain stimulation a high dose of Inositol or Vitamin B8. Surgery is necessary for the victims with severe conditions (Basbanes, 1995).

Research on the condition of bibliomania has not yet matured upon as it has started in the recent years. Some of the victims of his condition are Thomas Phillips (1792–1872). Thomas had severe bibliomanias and his books collections were 160,000 books and manuscripts, this collection was auctioned off more than 100 years after the death of Thomas (Jackson, 2001)

Buy custom Bibliomania essay paper cheap

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