Free Custom «Beauty and Repulsion» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Beauty and Repulsion» Essay Paper

Many people have several definitions of beauty. Some will say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some say that beauty is about how glamorous a person is in terms of how they appear. For example, some will say a beautiful person is that who have well set white teeth; others say those who have their facial features set in a certain manner. With all these assumptions of what beauty is to different people, some have different opinions (Ethel 76).

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My definition of beauty is not anywhere next to physical beauty; it is how a person makes others feel and how they treat them. A beautiful person is that person who glows all the way rom the inside to the outside; that person who have a compliment for everyone. That person who makes one look beautiful, a person who tells people when they have done something wrong but in a loving way that he/she will refrain from this wrongdoing willingly.

Repulsion is the act of two people or some unknown force drives bodies apart from each other. This is normally when there is some dislike of the other person or body a person keeps on moving away from this person.

In the drawing “Shakes” by Neary Scott, the picture shows a woman who many people will describe as beautiful. Her dressing is beautiful. The colours tthat Scott uses to accentuate her features make her even more attractive. When a person looks at her closely, he will notice she is not happy. She seems to be having many problems. This person appears selfish. The picture, when studied closely, is repulsive because few people are attracted to selfish or mean people.

The drawing is, therefore, described as containing both definitions of what beauty is. The colors used radiates warmth and a glow that if it is in a person then she is beautiful, but the way the woman is represented  shows that she does not possess any warmth in her thus being described like repulsive (Ethel 20).


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