Free Custom «Addiction» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Addiction» Essay Paper

Addiction refers to continued involvement with certain forms of substances or activities regardless of the negative consequences linked to it.  Satisfaction and delight would have originally been sought. However, with time involvement with the activity or the substance becomes a must one to feel normal. Addiction to internet pornography is just treating as other forms of addiction.

According to clinicians, internet pornography is one of the leading forms of addition. It leads to misogyny, pedophilia, boob jobs as well as erectile dysfunction. Internet pornography, like any other addiction, causes direct release of some of the most perfect addictive substance. Masturbation is one such effect (Brouwer and Laaser 76).

Internet is highly dangerous due to the fact that it removes the inefficiency in the delivery of pornographic material much more ubiquitous compared to the old days when people would sell nudie postcards. Nonsexual internet addiction has also turned out to be painfully isolating. According to Brouwer and Laaser, the real life consequences that are associated with internet porn carry both moral stigma and the likelihood of the fact that love and intimacy relationships will be negatively affected (77)  

Obsessive viewing of internet porn has a recognizable behavior pattern that is similar to any other form of addiction.  It entails engaging in sexual behaviors that are out of control. Sex addicts experience relentless outcomes due to sexual behaviors as well as inability to stop the habit despite severe consequences associated with the habit.  With time, internet sex addicts increase the amount of sexual activity because the present levels do not provide the required satisfaction. As tolerance develops, individuals, in most cases find themselves craving for more unusual sexual experiences in the internet and other places (Johnson 56).  


To recover from pornography addiction, honesty and outreach are some of the factors to be put into consideration. Internet porn addicts, honesty starts through seeking help from someone who is knowledgeable in the area, someone who works with sexual addiction.  The affected individual need to confess the entire problem to such personnel without omitting humiliating parts.  By dong this, the addict will then be able to receive appropriate guidance required. 



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