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Abnormal Psychology

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Abnormal psychology is referred to as the study of abnormal behavior in an individual so that abnormal patterns of functioning can be described, predicted, and explained. It focuses on the nature of psychopathology, its causes, and its treatments. In the study of abnormal psychology, the natures of people who are unable to adapt and function properly in different conditions have consideration. The key factors contributing to how best people are able to handle include genetic or biologic make up, psychological, learning, cognitive, and sociocultural factors. Substance abuse is away of using alcohol or drugs which causes problems in a person’s life.

Alcoholism being a complex issue to overcome if left unattended, it can damage the life of the user. There are various approaches used to administer and consider such dependence. Some people focus on the psychological process of recovery while others base on the biological approaches of addiction and recovery (Rathus & Nevid, 2010). The biological system includes detoxification process, medication for the psychological symptoms and prevention of replaces, and nutrition. Cognitive approach involves a therapy exercise that work in a way that can change the customers self defeating beliefs and behaviors. This is done by illustrating their irrationality and rigidity. Sociocultural approach has a belief that abnormal behavior is caused by the function played by the society and culture in a person’s life. It focuses on societal beliefs, roles played in the community, cultural background, family and views of others. Learning approach analyzes beliefs of the affected person. Their actions and what they are supposed to do to be influenced by their rewards and behaviors. Psychological approach holds the human behavior to be determined by the underlying psychological influences that in most cases are unconscious. Therefore, it plays a role in substance abuse by providing treatment that involves psychoanalysis. This process of treatment encourages creating awareness to the affected person.

Biological, psychological, learning, cognitive and sociocultural approaches make outstanding contributions to substance abuse and dependence. This is through medication processes, therapies, detoxification, and nutritional balances.

Buy custom Abnormal Psychology essay paper cheap

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