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A Parents Journey

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  Parenthood refers to a state of being a mother or father or an individual who gives birth, nurtures it and raises the child. Parenthood is one of the most vital processes in the life of an individual because it determines how someone shall be in adult hood. Parenthood is therefore, not only about giving birth to a child but also how to raise such a child until he or she attains adulthood. Parenthood is a continuous process and should therefore, never be stopped at any time in the live of an individual. Good parenthood therefore, calls for patience, endurance and commitment to ensure that the siblings are not only of upright moral standings in the society but are also able to behave humanly and be disciplined. 

  Parents undergo various challenges in ensuring that their children are brought up in a proper way. Besides ensuring that their children become important citizens in the society, parents are also faced with challenges of ensuring that their children are brought in a good environment in which the children are protected from being drug addicts or indulge themselves in immoral behavior. Parenthood therefore calls for parents to give their siblings protection and provide them with proper guiding and counseling sessions to make them make informed choices when they become adults.

 Wayward people and immoral citizens in the society are termed to be a big disgrace to their parents who are in most times blamed for not having to guide such children in a decent way. Bad people in the society all over the world have been attributed to wrong upbringing by their parents regardless of whether such people achieved such traits in their childhood or adulthood. 

  In a nutshell, parenthood should be a continuous process, and parents should not stop guiding their siblings upon reaching childhood. Parents should bring up their children in a proper way to be good role models not only in their families but also the society in general. 

Buy custom A Parents Journey essay paper cheap

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