Free Custom «A Major Concept of Creativity» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Major Concept of Creativity» Essay Paper

A major concept brought out to the Medici Effect is the idea of intersections. Intersection in this perspective is used to mean the explosion of ideas, and possibilities that are brought about when we cross fields, domains and even cultures. Ideas brought up by intersections are usually a combination of concepts form multiple fields and these ideas tend to jump in new directions. Intersectional ideas are considered to be vital to an organization because they usually have a great potential of creating new markets, and make it possible for companies or the people who created the intersectional ideas to become leaders in their newly created fields.

An excellent example of an intersection of ideas is that which occurred in the spring of 2002 in Brown University. The intersectional idea was an experiment conducted on a rhesus monkey, where it was trained to play a computer game, and instead of using the mouse to move the cursor, the monkey used its own mind. This experiment was a deliberate move in an attempt to find an intersection of discipline and it succeeded in being a perfect example of an intersection of disciplines. This is because the experiment involved medical doctors, mathematicians, computer scientists, and neurologists who all came together to try and understand how the brain works (Johansson, 2006).

In an organization, there tends to be some sort of group structure, and the type of group structure formed influences the innovativeness of a group or a team. There are two forms of group structures and they include organic groups and mechanistic groups. The organic group in an organization is mainly associated with the highest levels of innovativeness in a group. This means that the organic group consists of the innovative team in an organization. The innovative team exhibits some notable characteristics. They include: innovative teams have a high levels of lateral interpersonal communication, which means that communication is mainly done between the people of similar status and that the communication is more of a supportive nature. They hold a strong commitment to their profession in regards to their skills and values. Instead of breaking down the tasks into sub tasks and assigning individual members, innovative teams tend to approach their tasks in an integrative manner. Their boundaries are mainly dependent on the situation faced by the group at the particular moment, but at the same time they are not set up rigidly (King & Anderson, 2002).

The management in an organization plays a very big role in creating environments that encourage creativity for new value generation. To do this, the management must be ready to manage for the creative process in contrast to managing the creative process. This is not an easy task to do since there are several management issues that arise when it comes to creating this sort of environment that fosters creativity. Some of them include introduction of incentives. Incentives are of utmost importance when it comes to creativity. Organizations must consider introducing incentives to encourage creativity since the organizations that support ideas among its people are the ones that help creativity flourish. Another issue that can arise in creating that sort of environment is the fact that the management may be unwilling to loosen the rules that govern the organization. This proves to be a problem since rules in an organization repress creativity. The management that is willing to create an environment of creativity must create an interactionist model of creativity. This sort of model must include organizational knowledge, the individuals and teams in the organization, the organizational context and inter and intra-organizational relationships (Serrat, 2009).

There are several traits that are linked to creative people. Creative people are known to be very smart. They also tend to be categorized in the group of people who have an IQ that is higher than 120 since it is believed that it is a bit difficult to work with people whose IQ fall below 120. This trait is normally linked to someone’s nature since everyone is born with their individual IQs. The IQ tests are usually used to measure the convergent thinking that someone has, that is, his ability to solve well-defined rational problems that usually result into one solution. Another trait that is linked to creative people is that they have a considerable amount of physical energy, and they can work for long hours without displaying any tiredness. This is normally considered to be a genetic advantage. It is considered to be in someone’s nature. However, it is sometimes considered that it can be nurtured since it is common to have energetic adults who had a childhood full of illnesses. Creative people also tend to evade the strong gender role stereotyping, meaning, they have a tendency towards androgyny which is purely someone’s nature. They tend to have a combination of strengths that are found in both genders an example being, they can be sensitive and rigid, dominant and submissive or aggressive and nurturing.

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Creative people have a strong sense of reality but are able to alternate between fantasy and imagination. They tend to make great leaps of imagination and enter a different world that is nothing like the present world. Another trait linked to creative people is that they tend to be both introverts and extroverts. They pull off these personalities simultaneously which is not the case with other people since they have either of the two personalities. Creative people can be found to mingle with the crowds quite comfortably, and they can at the same time choose to observe the world at a distance (Csikszentmihalyi, 1996).

Amabile et al (2005) conducted some analysis on a group of employees so as to try and understand the affect creative relationship that exists in the organization. The studies that they conducted on 222 employees in 7 companies indicated that positive affect usually relates positively to creativity in an organization, and that the relationship that exists between the two factors is a simple linear one. According to the organizational affect-creativity cycle, creativity is considered to be an affectively charged event and this means that a manager can actually encourage some change through her behavior, through the behavior or others or even through cultural changes or structural changes in the environment at work to positively impact creativity, and individual behavior towards the organizational goals.

The positive affect and creativity suggests positive affect results to cognitive variation that stimulates creativity. It does this by increasing people’s cognitive flexibility which in turn increases the probability that diverse cognitive elements will become associated. Positive affect also avails additional cognitive materials required for processing, thereby, increasing the number of elements available for association. Thirdly, positive affect leads to a more advanced cognitive text which in turn leads to increase of the breadth of the elements that are related to the problem. This means that with the help of these processes, positive affect has a positive influence on creativity.

If a manager wants to encourage change through her behavior, she can ensure that she always exhibit positive emotions to their employees since they are found to influence the employees positively. This is due to the fact that the affective theory proves that people are aware of their discreet emotional reactions to certain events than they are of their general mood implications of their thoughts. Therefore, if a manager exhibits positive behavior to his employees, they are influenced positively and so they will tend to be more creative within the organization.



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