Free Custom «Women Employment in Georgia» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Women Employment in Georgia» Essay Paper

The first woman to be nominated and elected to congress from Georgia was 1996 but she was not declared the winner in the election. She had won by 53,611 votes as compared to her opponent but was declared a winner because of Georgia?s count unit system which usually declared the black vote null and void. The rule that which they did not recognize the black vote remained in force until 1962 but it was Helen Mankin who sued the county over the county unit system. The system was thrown out in the case of Baker v Carr ( The law that exists in Georgia women and the black people to employment was the county unit system and gender inequality system.

Such laws have been abolished in the recent past and now Georgia is committed towards to gender equality and improvement of affairs of women because the state is currently upholding equality standards. Georgia is one of the states that agreed on ways of improving the lives of women. Georgia is among the states that never supported the passage of equal amendment. When it was first introduced Georgia was one of the states that opposed the amendments. According to them the inclusion of such amendments was seen as a way of denying ?true Americans? opportunities.

In 1992 when there was a deadline of equal rights amendments Georgia still defeated 116 to 57. This was actually enforced in US because enough states have supported it regardless Georgia?s? rejection. Women position in Georgia is currently unique because it has improved and women are having a say. There are various pertinent issues relating to women issues in the state of Georgia. This includes the struggle of women against racialism ( The impetus of aggression begins from internal conflicts which could not be restrained or modified. Both theorists have argued that in a racist society the depressive position was a false depressive position because real aggression was not projected inwards but outwards; in the case of racism against the blacks, damage against the white object was denied but projected into the black object, which in turn becomes hated and displaced. Fairbairn, on the other hand gave a new definition to racism. For him, racism begins where libido ends. Further, the theory explains that racist attitudes stem from the desire to protect one?s group from internal anti-libidinal frustrations taking similar emphasis with the survival instincts proposed by Freud and Klein.

Winnicott takes a step further by asserting that racial aggression is a result of failure in the developmental process. For him, aggression is not a primary factor inherent in humanity but an effect of the said failure. These contributions help one to see racism in two ways: First, it is an effect of a race?s desire to thrive and maintain a dominant position in society. To do this, it has to remove all others that pose this threat. Secondly, racism is a result of a person?s or a group?s failure to develop properly. Hindrances or frustrations that come in life produce resentments which when could no longer be internalised are projected through prejudice against others.


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