Free Custom «The United States Health Care System » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The United States Health Care System » Essay Paper

The United States health care system has been on crisis over the years. Evidently, health care spending has been rising rapidly as compared to the other sectors of the economy. Farrell  believes that the upsurge is as a result of new medical technology as well as technological advances in the sector. The rising of the fund spent has significantly affected the country; however, countries around the United States have policies which if they can be embraced will go a long way. The health care department should embrace strategies such as single-payer system and encourage volunteering to curb the crisis.

To make the health care systems in United States become cheaper, the government should consider embracing single-payer system. In Canada, single-payer system has been in operation for quite a number of years. According to Wells and Krugman, Canadian government directly provides for the insurance to reduce healthcare services cost. The federal government, should therefore, initiate programs that will reduce the cost of treatment. The strategies should include single-payer system which could perform better if the administration will directly provide health care along with medical insurance. Most important, single-payer system has proved to be more effective and cheaper than what the united states have currently.

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Similarly, to ensure swiftness in the hospitals, Canada encourages the participation of volunteers. The volunteers included the healthy and well abled retirees who chose to invest significant fraction of their lives serving others. This move has propelled the Canadian healthcare forward and it is dependable for it can sustain the department for long. On the other hand, the United States volunteers have not been given full mandate of conducting a number of treatments although they may be eligible. Consequently, there has been backlog and patients are subjected to a number of appointments, a move that is tedious and not welcome in the sector. If health care sector in United States can have a reform that will encourage volunteers participation, the sector will substantially improve and there will be significantly reduce cost of treatment.



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