Free Essay Sample «The Dilemma of NATO Enlargemen»

Free Essay Sample «The Dilemma of NATO Enlargemen»

There are many international co-operations all over the globe. These co-operations encourage membership of many countries which must comply with the rules and requirements of these co-operations. These rules can be termed as the price of admission into the co-operations. Countries that are willing to pay this price are easily incorporated into the co-operation, unlike non-co-operating countries. The acceptance and recognition of these prices separates countries that have genuine intentions from those with bad intentions. NATO is one of the famous organizations which has recently reorganized its rules so as to determine its serious members. Among these rules is the fact that member states should practice democracy and they should also ensure that they solve all conflicts with neighboring countries.

This criterion tends to exclude communist countries like Russia from joining the organization. Such a situation is risky, and the administration of the organization has to choose between having fewer members who share common interests or having members with less interest in common good but who are able to benefit the organization to a greater extend. This is the dilemma that is facing the organization. Andrew Kidd tries to propose several models that enlarge the probability of this dilemma. The first model emphasizes on trust, and this model proposes that if member countries trust the intentions of other countries, then there should be unconditional admission of new members to NATO. This will be not easy to convince Russia that western countries are trying to manipulate it. However, the existence of conditions implies that Western countries are ganging up to oppose the decisions of Russia. Countries in the west of Europe are not the only interested in the NATO parties; East Europe countries also have an interest in NATO. Most scholars propose that this interest is centered towards creating an alliance that is strong militarily against Russia.

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Modelling NATO Enlargement

Kydd proposes various solutions to the dilemma of NATO in terms of trust issues, alliances, and the NATO criterion. To begin with, Kydd proposes that NATO should take care not to lessen its laws in the future. He implies that there should be games, known as “trust games,” among the members of NATO. The first trust issues are based on western countries and the security guarantee they could offer to the eastern members. In this case, the eastern members of the organization can decide to cooperate with the western members or not, as they prefer. The countries can also be encouraged to create an alliance, and this is useful because it will ensure trust among the allies. Secondly, the western countries can offer security guarantees to the eastern countries without any restrictions. This would be advantageous to both sides because it will ensure trust between them. Thirdly, the nations in NATO can decide to act depending on how their fellow members act. For instance, if the western side decides to cooperate, the eastern side will also cooperate and vice versa. A single country can decide whether to cooperate or not, and if this happens, it affects the decisions of other countries who might choose to do the same. This is known as the isolationist theory in which each of the members of NATO does not actually care about how others behave. For instance, western countries can decide to guarantee security to eastern countries that cooperate with them. There is also the internationalist theory, which Kydd explains as the carefree nature of the west. This means that the west will not care if the east cooperates or not; rather, it carries its operations regardless of the help it acquires from the east. All in all, Kydd concludes that co-operations ought to reinforce laws and regulations in order to determine countries that are serious from those that are less serious. However, in the case of NATO and Russia, a lot has to be done in order to ensure that there are laws that incorporate unique countries such as Russia in the cooperation. 


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