Free Custom «South Africa's Growing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «South Africa's Growing» Essay Paper

South Africa is growing to be a democratic society since most of its forums are characterized by public criticism. People are allowed to post in the public media criticisms regarding the actions of the government. People in South Africa are free to criticize the government using poetry as well as analytical comments. As a result, South Africa has a democratic poetical culture. Essentially, people in a democratic culture enable government to be at freedom to receive expressions without being offended. On the contrary, the South African government uses the poetical criticisms as a form of evaluation and thus enhances corporate growth.

In essence, South Africa is a vibrant civil society. It has grown to be vibrant over the years by making all people feel comfortable. A vibrant civil society is defined by transparency. That is, all people can access the basic rights. Civil rights practiced in South Africa affect all ages of people regardless of their social class. Notably, the law courts have few incidences of criminal activities since people make effort to have peace and integration. Various people and organizations are committed to reaching the unreached with the information of peace. The ethnic minority and majority are equally allowed to intermingle in a transparent manner. Therefore, by embracing transparency the South African government is headed to make the country a democratic society.

However, the South African government has been in transition from the apartheid regime to the current liberal regime. The apartheid staged as democratic and freedom fighter movement in South Africa for the minority. However, instances of neocolonialism still remained even when the freedom was finally attained. Past regimes never encouraged open criticisms from citizens thus slowed down the country’s growth process. Failure to incorporate criticisms and opinions led to huge flaws in the government and inflicted fear among the citizens. Consequently, the South African government became incompetent. Therefore, to solve this problem, a democratic political culture should be developed in South Africa. To achieve democratic political culture, new methods of governance including citizen participation in decision making are being instituted.

Moreover, South Africa has established civil liberty that also relates to peaceful political interactions in the county. Electoral democracy is guaranteed in South Africa whereby 400 parliamentary as well as 90 provincial seats are peacefully determined in an election. The ANC party has dominated the superior electoral positions since independence although various opposition parties are gradually emerging. Additionally, various agencies are committed to fighting corruption although some public servants are deterring the process. Nevertheless, the citizens are allowed freedom of expression since the constitution protects media and public criticisms. The government has severally encroached SABC media independence. Religious and academic freedom is provided constitutionally and protected by the government. South Africa encourages freedom of association and assembly in peaceful contexts.

South Africa has become a vibrant civil society with an entrenched complaint culture. In South Africa, numerous non-governmental organizations are free to register and carry out activities in any area of the country without restrictions. The non-governmental organizations often offer guidance concerning legislation to South Africa parliament. Additionally, South African citizens have the freedom of participation in autonomous trade unions. To enhance the utility of South African civil vibrancy, workers normally organize strikes in order to have employers address various pending matters.

Nonetheless, the government of South Africa has made national identity automatic for all its members. The process of acquiring identification is less complicated and is done free of charge once someone has attained the age of eighteen years. In connection to national identity, the people have easy access to judiciary services. The constitution protects the people from manipulation and violation of their rights in courts. To make this possible there exist a constitutional court and the Supreme Court. Over the years, the judges have been seen to exercise prosecutorial independence. Judges are at liberty to rule out issues concerning the various cases and competently offer fair judgments. However, CapeHigh Court judge John Hlophe was arrayed in court for allegations of provocation. Constitution court often observes for unlawful acts and can sue the top government official. Therefore, law and order in South Africa is highly regarded as solemn and is constitutionally supreme.

On the contrary, the South African way of police operations has reduced the rating and hampered the speed to becoming a democratic society. There have been reports of torture by police during arrest, interrogation and imprisonment. The prisons as well have not fully met the international standards due to overcrowding that lead to infections and deaths. International research agencies found out that the nationalists who were imprisoned suffered intensely under the hands of the wardens. Incidences of sexual violation, maladministration as well as corruption had heightened in the police and judicial systems.

Evidences of criminal actions destroyed the South African reputation. The land was filled with crime such that Zuma’s administration introduced a shoot to kill policy in the police department. There were other case of homosexuals and same gender marriages. All these could be used against South Africa and declare that it is not yet a democratic society. The national identity as well as a vibrant society is evident in the South African government. Harsh actions however reduced with time and the country became more peaceful. The human rights activists came up as well in order to alleviate the increased cases of sexual and domestic violence. Cases against any kind of discrimination were to be addressed by the public prosecutor.



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