Free Custom «Presidential Security Breach» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Presidential Security Breach» Essay Paper


The current paper provides a comprehensive discussion on the problem of presidential security breach in the U.S. The problem of presidential security breach has caused some stir in the U.S after new reports indicated that the President was escorted in an elevator by an unknown armed guard. It revealed the inability of the secret service to manage security lapses in the presidential guard. The President is one of the most important persons in any country and deserves the highest security profile. In 2009, Salahis attended a state dinner without any invitation from the Indian Prime minister. Salahis went through two security checkpoints that confirm the invitation of people attending high profile events. Later, the incident was captured by Washington Post who posted the photographs. Two major incidents have led to the main question of the President’s and his family safety. Such presidential security breaches would make the statehouse vulnerable to terrorism attacks (Rizer & Glaser, 2011). However, there have been major steps towards resolving the problem including the change of leadership in the secret service. Therefore, the paper discusses the major issues raised on presidential security breach in the U.S.

The issue of presidential security breach increased due to the rate of penetration in the government documents and information by unauthorized persons. Recently, the secret service director Julia resigns from the security of the White House following a security breach. Thus, the alarming rates of security breaches have escalated the issue among Americans. Today, most of Americans have no confidence over the secret service to guarantee security in the White House. Julia resigned after the revelations of various security breaches and lack of confidence by the government over the agency’s ability to offer support. The U.S President was forced to provide a directive calling or a new leadership in the agency. Such controversial situations show the level of security breaches in the U.S. (Sullivan & Caldwell, 2014). The situation triggered Republicans to start an investigation on the issue of presidential security breach. I have encountered security breach on my personal information when my email was hacked and some sensitive information was stolen. It indicates the levels of insecurity, more so in the internet. Other personal experiences include my colleagues who were drained by unknown persons. The increased instances of security breaches including poor allocation of armed guards and breach of sensitive information have created concerns over the safety of the President and his family in the U.S. The responsible security agencies should take quick in curbing the vice to avoid security breach.

The problem of presidential security has been a major concern in the U.S. Recently, there have been reported cases of security breach in the White House that questioned the capability and reliability of the secret service to keep the President secure. I chose to discuss the issue of presidential security breach since it is a common knowledge that the President has a professional security team. The White House and presidential escorts are secured by a trained team of professionals. Unfortunately, the cases of computer crimes, identity theft, and security breach have been increasing (Picanso, 2006). The levels of crimes and breaches have increased due to computer literacy of the society. In the modern society, many hackers are able to gain access to unauthorized information and data, including presidential codes and security details. Such a research helps in understanding the risk of intruders getting access to sensitive security information.

The concept of presidential security breach can also be explained by background checks on ethical issues surrounding the society. The California Civil Code 1798 requires that all civilians should report any incidents to the state bodies to promote security. Also, many states have realized the trend of security breaches within the trading markets. Governments also need to ensure improved security among its agencies. The federal government should come up with relevant security prevention mechanism that would manage the current levels of insecurity.

Some of the potential solutions include the imposition of strict laws and regulations to curb the vice, heavy penalties, and punishment of persons who commit the breaches and the training of secret service on current trends of security prevention. The federal government should also consider the elimination of social security numbers as the primary identifiers. Most instances of security breaches have been revealed to be a cause of SSNs. The storage of the SSNs should also be improved by data encryption of the passwords’ use. Commercial data brokers have lost sensitive information to fraudsters and, thus, such regulations have been imposed to protect the citizens. Researching on the topic of presidential security breach is relevant to understand the nature of security in private and public entities.

If the federal government fails to solve the presidential security breach problem, there might be increased risks over the security of the president and his workers. Presidential security breach might lead to negative impacts on social and economic activities of the U.S. economy. Security is an essential element for improved economic growth and development (Picanso, 2006). First, the terrorists would have an opportunity to perform attacks on the country. The inability of the government to control the problem of security among the top officials implies that the overall country’s security is at risk. As a result, the failure to implement the potential solutions on presidential security breach would lead to major security lapses in the country.


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