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International Adoption in Kazakhstan

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International adoption is allowed in Kazakhstan. At least two trips required to complete the adoption process in Kazakhstan. The first trip involves at about three weeks to identify the child and to meet with the parents. During this period promotion of bond is also required in order to show to the counts about the commitment of family for adoption of child. At the adoptions are declining Kazakhstan due to changing requirements from the Kazakhstan Government. While making adoption, it is better to choose experienced adoption agency for successful international adoption from Kazakhstan.

The cost of international adoption program is high as it contains lengthy stay in country while adoption, travel costs etc. therefore the international adoption from Kazakhstan declining since 2008. Only 400 adoptions notice in 2008 whereas at about 800 adoptions appeared in the year of 2004. There will be confusion with respect to the age of adoptive parents. But Kazakhstan did not set any age requirement, yet many regions formed policies on the ages of the potential adoptive parents.

A general rule is acceptable which indicates that the married couple and single women allowed adopting as long as their age is more than 16 years of the child. The guidelines also indicate that more than two divorce parents not allowed for adoption children in Kazakhstan. The policy of Kazakhstan did not allow individuals who have arrest record, to adopt children in Kazakhstan. Both parents must be US citizens who seek adoption in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstani Government agency i.e. Minister of Education, Committee on the Protection of Children?s Rights will administer the inter country adoptions in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani law also requires that orphans be registered with the Ministry of Education Committee at least six months before adoption of such children. As per the eligibility criteria, Kazakhstan permits both i.e. single and married people to adopt the children. The condition is that the adoptive parent must be older than 16 years of the child.

Soviet Republic, Kazakhstan suffered lot of economic hardships due to soviet rule. Due to such economic problems, large economic underclass is established. However the economy improved but due to economic declines in Kazakhstan, large number of children abandoned and lived in orphanages. Though economy improved the number of children also grown. Consequently many families did not have resources to take effective care on children. Some parents convicted crimes and left their children and hence inevitable for adoption of children. Hence international adoption is allowed in Kazakhstan.

Buy custom International Adoption in Kazakhstan essay paper cheap

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