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Although slavery in the USA was abolished centuries ago the vice is still practiced in the modern American society. Slavery today comes inform of human trafficking which can be defined in several ways. Human trafficking can be described as the act of trading human being to be exploited in forced labor, commercial sex or other forms of modern slavery. Modern slavery today also includes working underage individuals or as it is commonly known child labor. Coercing employees to work under inhuman conditions, be it long hours or under exploitative conditions. Holding individuals bondage to pay debts for the expenses incurred in transportation them to a foreign country. United nations defines human trafficking as “the illegal trade of human beings, through abduction, the use of threat or force, deception, fraud, or sale for the purposes of sexual exploitation or forced labour”. For human trafficking to prosper to the levels that it has reached today there must be demand for humans to be exploited and a steady supply of trafficked individuals. This illegal trade flourishes in civilized country as America because there is a steady demand for individuals to work cheaply as prostitutes, drug mules, strippers, domestic workers or sweat shop workers among many other forms of employment that keeps a steady demand for cheap human laborers. Human traffickers on the other hand reap huge profits from this illegal trade. This means despite the trade being inhuman not to mention illegal there are huge incentives to engage in it. According to United Nations estimates, close to a million people are trafficked across the globe to be exploited as slave and work in inhuman conditions. They also estimate that close to twenty seven million people have fallen victims to this illegal trade. The actual figures of the people trafficked as human slave are hard to obtain since most are often afraid to talk about their fate due to fear of their own safety. Trafficking usually involves organized crime groups or terrorist groups further complicating this secretive trade. This makes it hard for the authorities to get the actual figure of the victims involved. The trade is however estimated to be a multibillion trade dealing in humans as the main product.

In the USA the victims of this trade often end up as child prostitutes, domestic servants, and exotic dancers, drug mules or in sweat shops where they are worked under inhuman conditions and for low wages. One of the incentives for this trade is that it provides unscrupulous employers with cheap labour. The victims on the other hand can be lured from their countries through false promises for better lives in America. Others are abducted from their homes and transported to the USA and held in bondage to work in trades such as prostitution or exotic dancing. The victims are often unable to seek help from the authorities for fear of their lives or due to lack of proper documentation. In addition most of the individuals engaged in this industry are often linked to organized crime groups. Through these links they are able to easily intimidate their victims to ensure that they do not seek help from the authorities. There also instances where individuals are trafficked by their own country men and their families threatened should they report their predicaments to the authorities escape or seek help.

In America thousands of immigrants arrive in the country in search of a better life. Among these immigrants there are those who arrive on student visa, temporarily visas, green cards and others without documentation. These methods of gaining entry into America are exploited by criminal human traffickers. They are therefore able to lure individuals from poor countries with promises of education, employment and better lives. The traffickers often pay for their voyage and other fee required with agreements that they would pay back these fees once they obtain employment. On arrival into the USA they are held in bondage until the can clear their debts and forced to work as prostitutes, exotic dancers or in other modern forms of slavery. Every year thousands of individuals gain entry into the united state under such conditions only to find themselves victims of modern slavery. The USA has one of the most developed economies in the world and millions around the world struggle to get into the country especially from the developing countries to improve their economic prospects. This means that it is easier for human traffickers to lure their victims into the USA with fraudulent job offers and education opportunities.

The multibillion payoffs from this trade also attracts organized crime cartels that are able to get victims into the USA with fraudulent documentations or illegally. They are therefore enabled to get employees cheaply for their illegal operations and hold them for years with poor pay and under poor conditions. Victims are often practically incarnated and fear running away for fear of reprisals. There are also cases of domestic workers for the wealth members of the society who are forced to work for poor wages and in inhuman conditions. The wealthy individuals normally hold their documents and refuse to release them with threats of getting them deported or arrested should they report their conditions.

The lure of easy cash has also attracted terror groups into this trade to get finances for their operations. Groups such as the “Kurdistan People’s Congress” are known to engage in this trade to finance their terror activities. The group is believed to be involved in protection rackets involving its Diaspora citizen’s uses its ties back in their country to abduct or lure victims into foreign countries such as the USA and force them into slavery. Fear of reprisals for their family members left back home forces their victims to suffer in silence. Similar tactics are also known to be employed by the Russian mafia, the Chinese triads, the Japanese yakuza and South American drug cartels. These groups often pay their victims expense into the USA and the force them into their servitude once they land in the USA. Their ties in their mother country make it easier for these groups to easily intimidate their victims. It also makes it easier for them to recruit individuals into their modern slavery trade.

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The Chinese triads operate sweatshops in the USA, to get cheap laborers for their business they abduct and lure victims from China with promises of better jobs and opportunities. But once they get individuals into the USA often through illegal routes they are forced to work for these groups in their illegal business that include prostitution rackets, exotic bars, gambling joints and drug operations. Their victims are intimidated into working for them without reporting to the authorities. Among the factors that force individuals to suffer in silence include threats with violence, deportation, safety of their families back home.


Slavery may have been abolished decades ago but it still exists today. Modern comes inform of human trafficking which is the act of trading human being to be exploited in forced labor, commercial sex or other forms of human exploitation. Modern slavery today also involves child labor, forceful coercing employees to work under inhuman conditions. This is usually done by forcing employees to work for long hours or under exploitative conditions such as low wages and in unsafe working environments. It also involves holding individuals bondage to pay debts for the expenses incurred in transportation them from their country into a foreign one. It should be noted that there must be demand for humans to be exploited and a steady supply of trafficked individuals and in order to curtail the vices all aspect of modern slavery must be addressed.



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