Free Custom «Homeland Security Organization» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Homeland Security Organization» Essay Paper

The question whether the Department of Homeland Security, established by President George W. Bush in 2003, has served its purpose of eradicating terrorism and restoring confidence in security of America is a debatable one. At the center of the discourse, however, lies the U. S. Customs and Border Protection whose main role is to ensure border protection by denying access within USA to any person who poses a threat to its security. The discussion pertaining to the Customs and Protection is, therefore, important as its role is central to the mandate of the Homeland Security Department. The paper discusses the Customs and Protection Department in the light of its importance to the US security and examines the employment opportunities it offers.

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The US Customs and Border Protection is the largest agency of the Homeland Security Department (Customs & Protection, 2016). It plays a crucial role in the preservation of the integrity of the US borders by guarding against any threats to its security. Amongst activities that pose a threat to the security of the US citizens are drug trafficking across the borders, illegal immigration as well as trading in counterfeit products and restricted agricultural products within the US (Customs & Protection, 2016). To protect U.S. borders from the illegal movement of weapns, drugs, contraband, and people the Customs and Border Protection searches the people traveling within and outside the United States of America both on air, land, walking, on the bus, ship, etc (Customs & Protection, 2016).  The agency is committed to its primary goals of eradicating terrorism and ensuring legitimate trade and travel across the US borders (Customs & Protection, 2016). In order to achieve these goals it has installed very elaborate and advanced screening and inspection process at the borders of the United States of America.

The goals of the Homeland Security include the preservation of security in the US, ensuring that all the American people are safe, commitment towards the total eradication of terrorism and countering emergency hazards as they occur by ensuring proper security at the borders (Newmann, 2002). Since the events of September 11, 2001, USA has lived under the fear of another attack, warranting the intervention of the Сustoms and Border Protection. In this connection the focus of the Customs and Border Protection has changed to detection, apprehension and/or deterrence of terrorists and terrorist weapons (Customs & Protection, 2016). The agency is determined to eliminate these threats by ensuring proper check systems at the border for any foreigners entering the United States of America (Newwmann, 2002). The major role to be played by the department is, therefore, to restore confidence amongst the citizens of the United States of America in the preparedness to deal with any terrorist attack.

The Customs and Protection Department offers jobs in three main categories which include border patrol agents, air and marine agents and the customs and protection officers. While these jobs are directly attributable to the Customs and Protection Department, some other jobs are available within the Homeland Security, but not directly linked to the Customs and Border Protection, such as jobs in intelligence service, health and emergency reaction, crime detection and prevention (Newmann, 2002). I would personally wish to become an intelligence officer and join intelligence mission to assist the organization in collecting information.

In conclusion, as part of its mandate, the Customs and Protection Agency of the Homeland Security Department is tasked with creating a safe and secure country for American citizens through thorough border protection. The mandate is fulfilled through border patrols and the inspection of goods and people at the borders. The department is therefore central to the core mandate of the establishment of the Homeland Security which is eradicating terrorist activities in the USA.


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