Free Custom «Homeland Security Department» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Homeland Security Department» Essay Paper

The Homeland security department is a cabinet department responsible for protecting and counter-attacking terrorism within the United States’ borders. The formation of the homeland security department led to the absorption of multiple organisations that initially operated independently. These organisations include the Coast Guard, Customs service, Secret Services, Federal Emergency Management, the Transport Security Administration, and a majority of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. The organisations were split into three distinct departments under the Homeland Security Department.

The formation of the Homeland Security Department is considered the largest transformation in the bureaucracy of the federal government since 1947. These attributes seem to emanate from the manner in which the federal government has dealt with anti-terrorism issues within and at the borders after the end of World War II. Because of its formation, the Homeland security has been able to support approximately 170,000 employees. In addition, it receives a significant proportion of the federal budget. Concerning its operation, Homeland security has been able to scrutinise and tighten its operation services to meet the requirements of the state. The enhancement of information sharing to avoid technical and cultural problems prevalent in government agencies has significantly contributed in this regard. The department’s iterconnection with other robust agencies in security related issues like the Defence Department’s National Communication System and the Computer Security Division of the National institute of Standards and Technology has ensured the efficiency of the department in information guarding and sharing. The Department’s reliance on high-tech technology systems in communication and border security inclusive of emergency preparedness ensures rapid response in case of biochemical or nuclear threats within the territories of the country.

There has been a significant alteration in the Department of Defense’s (DOD) mission since the formation of the Homeland Security Department. The role of the DOD seems to include both the domestic and external protection from terrorism attacks. They play a crucial role in protecting the country’s airspace and coastline by using military aircrafts and ships. Similarly, the DOD is always ready to assist other departments in the event that assistance is required. Despite this model of operation, there is likely to be confusion in deployment of officers in the event of an attack by a weapon of mass destruction within the country’s territories. This could eventually lead to more causalities or the spread of biological or chemical agent. Nevertheless, the process of emergency preparedness and response seem to be a transformational event that is upgraded continuously to accommodate all agencies effeectively.

Because of the establishment of the Homeland Security Department, there has been a dynamic change in the State department and NSC. The information provided to the president on matters of national security is well analyzed and documented. The state department, being the sole agency that handles the matters of the state, ensures that the appropriate information regarding the same matters reach the president. In addition, they advice the president on matters of national interest after consultation with the Homeland security department. Meanwhile, the NSC contributes significantly to the advisory of the president on matters of national security. The Homeland Security Department is normally the source of the information. In this regard, there has been transparency and flexibility of the federal government in handling security issues.

The Homeland security is different from the National security in that it deals with the emergency preparedness and response in case of terrorism attacks. On the contrary, the National security involves the protection of the citizens from any risk of harm in the event of an eruption of violence that necessitates the involvement of the police. This therefore implies that Homeland security is quite challenging since versatile mechanism has to be incorporated to ensure the protection of people within the territories of the country.



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